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Talking Heads: How do you feel about the lack of female leaders in higher positions at Queen’s?

By - 14th January 2015

Talking Heads for Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015.

University and societies need to encourage female leadership

By - 14th January 2015

Queen’s administration and student societies can help address the confidence gap that continues to stifle female participation in leadership roles.

Female student leaders lacking

By - 9th January 2015

In 1884, Queen’s became the first university west of the Maritimes — and ahead of much of the world — to have female graduates.

Men make mark with centre

By - 22nd November 2013

An organization called the Canadian Association for Equality has raised enough money to fund the first Canadian Centre for Men and Families in Toronto. The organization hopes to be up and running in the coming months to provide help, services and referrals to men in need.

Riding a growing wave

By - 22nd March 2013

147 years ago, Queen’s admitted its first female student — 35 years after it opened its doors to male students.

Week of women's worth

By - 14th February 2012

A third-year student has taken it upon herself to promote self-esteem on campus during Queen’s first Women’s Worth Week.

Women fight for rights

By - 27th September 2011

In response to sexual assault awareness campaigns geared towards potential victims, the Greater Kingston Area Safe & Sober Community Alliance launched the Don’t Be That Guy campaign in Kingston this month.

Chown Hall switches to co-ed

By - 28th June 2011

Chown Hall will become a co-ed residence in September due to a declining interest in all-girls residences.