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The sounds of the Wolfe: Day One

By - 12th August 2013

A mix of veteran attendees, past Island dwellers and acts from years ago congregated this weekend at the Wolfe Island Music Festival (WIMF), bringing the sleepy community of Marysville to life.

A testament to talent

By - 30th July 2013

What began as a dock party 14 years ago has now become one of the top Canadian music festivals.

Wolfe Island Music Festival in review

By - 14th August 2012

It’s not often that you can say you were so close to your favourite band during a show that you could feel them flick their drink at you.

All aboard

By - 13th August 2012

Are you already getting nostalgic about this year's Wolfe Island Music Festival? Check out the photo highlights from this year's jam.

Rock and Roll Report Card

By - 30th July 2012

Rock and Roll Report Card

‘I’ll always be writing music’

By - 30th July 2012

Musician/actor/sound technician Mike O'Neill returns to Kingston to play the Wolfe Island Music Festival.

African allusions

By - 30th July 2012

A conversation with Sam Roberts ahead of his first ever Wolfe Island Music Festival appearance.

From tragedy comes triumph

By - 25th June 2012

At the end of a love story fraught with woe and misfortune, Parlovr continues their pursuit of a happy ending through passion and musicianship.

What time is it General Wolfe?

By - 30th August 2011

A break from vacation

By - 5th August 2011

The Great Lake Swimmers will play the Wolfe Island Music Festival tonight

Hand down your pants hip hop

By - 26th July 2011

Before he hits the stage at Wolfe Island Music Festival this August, Buck 65 discusses tour necessities, fan adoration and his work with Jenn Grant.

From pesto to pop playlists

By - 26th July 2011

Delicately brooding and lovesick, Stars has become the moniker of Canadian indie music. The quintet knows how to avoid stagnation while maintaining a distinctively “Stars” sound, blending dramatic themes with sweet melodies. The Montreal-based band is known locally for their intimate church shows, but next month they’ll be outdoors to ...

Subtely majestic

By - 26th July 2011

Local duo PS I Love You’s upcoming appearance at the Wolfe Island Music Festival will be a decidedly nostalgic homecoming.