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Overt to covert

By - 14th March 2014

In January, I wore a hijab for 18 days. I'm a non-Muslim woman, but I wanted to conduct a social experiment to experience what it's like to cover on a daily basis.

Designing independence

By - 15th November 2013

To Queen’s student and part-time fashion designer Julia Miskey, “style over fashion” is the rule of thumb.

Just around the corner

By - 8th November 2013

Today’s corner stores offer much more than bubblegum, as they must in order to thrive.

The learning curve

By - 22nd October 2013

Thinking outside the box can be a challenge, but for those with learning disabilities, it’s the only option.

NAD under fire

By - 5th April 2012

Offenses traditionally processed through the Non-Academic Discipline System have been rerouted to school administrators, leaving the future of Queen's peer-to-peer method uncertain.

Ups and downs of student-landlord relationships

By - 30th March 2012

AMS presents best landlord award to local couple, plans to continue cancellation of worst landlord award.

Security team aims to reduce citations

By - 23rd March 2012

Members of the off-campus security response team patrol the Student Ghetto to warn students of bylaw infractions.

Student blood benefits clinics

By - 2nd March 2012

Volunteers aim to collect 600 pints of blood from students this year.

Food centres see student traffic

By - 15th February 2012

Students in need can turn to on- and off-campus resources for food and financial support.

Miller Museum houses ancient finds

By - 6th February 2012

Features looks at the history of the on-campus museum in Miller Hall.

Res citations increase

By - 18th November 2011

Drunk students can end up in either the Campus Observation Room, Emergency Room or Detox Centre

Hot food not an option

By - 1st November 2011

Vendors report a loss in profits after being told to discontinue the sale of hot foods.

James Ready campaign targets students

By - 14th October 2011

Queen's was selected as one of six schools targeted by beer company James Ready's new advertising campaign.

On campus for the holiday

By - 7th October 2011

Students talk about Thanksgiving weekends spent in Kingston while their peers head home for a weekend with family.

Powwow points to problems

By - 4th October 2011

The fifth-annual educational powwow was celebrated on Saturday, focusing on promoting diversity amongst Aboriginal communities, although the theme isn’t one always seen at Queen’s, said Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre Director Janice Hill.

Student soldiers

By - 3rd October 2011

Twenty-three Canadian Forces members are enrolled in undergraduate programs at Queen's.

A little help?

By - 16th September 2011

The life of a student is pretty simple. We eat, sleep, chug coffee and study. If we’re lucky, we get to go out and have a social life that doesn’t consist of late nights at Stauffer. It may not seem like an exciting life but it’s certainly a stressful one.

Maleficent movie review

By Claudia Tsang - 28th June 2014

Claiming positions on this summer’s absolute must-watch lists, Maleficent hit the big screen with a bang on May 28, grossing $170 million within the first week alone. Recreating a beloved Disney tale, this film is perfect for kids in which an age-old villain adopts a heart of gold. But disregarding ...

Make A (Realistic) Study Schedule

By Trilby Goouch - 3rd April 2013

By Trilby Goouch Blogs Editor Summer seems just steps away but before you’re able to get to that you still to have to get through a little thing called exams. The exam experience can seriously vary depending on your study approach; I know first hand the power of planning ahead. ...

Make It A Kingston Summer

By Katherine Kopiak - 31st March 2013

By Katherine Kopiak (ArtSci ’14) Contributor It’s that time of year again, and if you’ve yet to decide what you are doing this summer, I have a suggestion for you: stay in Kingston. Last summer I decided to stay in Kingston for the first time and had the best summer ...

Throw A Themed Party: Gatsby Style

By Trilby Goouch - 27th March 2013

By Trilby Goouch Blogs Editor In lieu of the upcoming release of the much-anticipated Great Gatsby movie, what better way to celebrate than in Great Gatsby style. I was inspired by the idea while watching Made In Chelsea, a British reality TV show where throwing parties are a full time ...

20 Things To Do Before You Graduate: Queen's Edition

By Trilby Goouch - 21st March 2013

By Trilby Goouch Blogs Editor If this is your final year at Queen's, nostalgia is likely setting in. Whether it be spending time with your housemates, indulging in campus food specialties or making the most of your weekends, it's time to savour these last few weeks as a Queen's student. ...

On Campus Eats: The Tea Room

By Trilby Goouch - 20th March 2013

By Trilby Goouch Blogs Editor The next time you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or cup of tea on campus, look no further than The Tea Room. Located in the ILC at Union St. and Division, this student-run, environmentally conscious on-campus cafe boasts a relaxing, student-friendly atmosphere that’s ...

New Uses For Old Things

By Trilby Goouch - 18th March 2013

By Trilby Goouch Blogs Editor If you’re anything like me, your Kingston house is likely full of random odds and ends. I scoured for resources on new uses for old things and was impressed by the hundreds of ideas out there. Here are a collection of ideas that are useful, ...

Meet The Ubersexual

By Trilby Goouch - 6th March 2013

By Trilby Goouch Blogs Editor Meet the ubersexual male; your George Clooney, Jude Law, Ryan Gosling or David Beckham who exhibit the standard metrosexual tendencies (fashionable, well-groomed, obsessed with self-image) along with the addition of strong masculinity. I first stumbled across the buzzword in my Consumer Behaviour textbook, and as ...

Greenfest Week

By Leslie Bothwell - 4th March 2013

By Leslie Bothwell (ArtSci '14) Contributor This week brings us the first-ever Queen’s Greenfest. The event allows several environmental clubs on campus to host an array of events across campus (see schedule online for details), and an opportunity for participants to win prizes. "It's great to see such a diversity ...

Camp Outlook

By Trilby Goouch - 28th February 2013

By Trilby Goouch Blogs Editor Meet Camp Outlook, an Ontario camp formed by Queen’s alumni Ron Kimberley that focuses on supporting and encouraging Kingston youth ages 13-17 through camping trips and wilderness experience. The camp is catered to those who couldn’t otherwise afford camp or who are experiencing difficulties at ...