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The measure of a man

By - 17th September 2013

It’s time we had an honest conversation about what it means to be a man.

Scary Stephen

By - 26th May 2013

Stephen Harper is no stranger to the politics of fear, a strategy he’s effectively used to his advantage. His goal is to make voters fearful of the economic consequences if he’s voted out of office.

No more excuses

By - 5th April 2012

Around this time last year I walked into the JDUC’s McLaughlin Room in anticipation of attending my first town hall meeting — it was to solicit student input on the changes to the minimum tuition payment deadline.

More than human

By - 30th March 2012

Humans it seems are becoming more mechanized. Technology is allowing us to progress farther than we ever have before, but I worry that our advancements have outstripped our humanity.

Think first, then protest

By - 23rd March 2012

Though university students are often touted as some of the most tolerant individuals in society, recently students have proven that they aren’t always open to contentious discussions.

Vroom vroom

By - 16th March 2012

The automobile is under attack and one of the victims is the Chevrolet Volt.

Sweet talk

By - 9th March 2012

Artificial sweeteners are a misunderstood scientific breakthrough. Unfortunately scientists and the government aren’t vocal enough to alleviate our safety concerns.

We need to talk

By - 2nd March 2012

I’m tired of talking about the weather. I don’t want to discuss Gap sales or gas prices either. I refuse to be an active participant in this generation’s semantic drudge.

Stop digging

By - 16th February 2012

This semester marks the first opportunity to receive the 30 per cent off Ontario tuition grant — a promise the Liberals made this fall in provincial elections.

Don't buy in

By - 14th February 2012

It’s Women’s Worth Week at Queen’s, meaning that for the next three days events are held to encourage men to think more critically about how they treat women.

Stop watching

By - 10th February 2012

Reality television that portrays people in unflattering situations isn’t a new phenomenon. In recent years though, shows that document people’s strange, erratic behaviour have seen tremendous viewership.

Empty rhetoric

By - 3rd February 2012

Stephen Harper’s speech at last week’s Crown-First Nations Summit in Ottawa didn’t directly address any real concerns. On Jan. 31 global developmental studies professor Robert Lovelace gave a talk about the situation in Attawapiskat.

Be better

By - 31st January 2012

At last week’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Stephen Harper revealed plans to aggressively export Canada’s natural resources to China while tightening immigration laws, retirement income support and health care.

Eyes open

By - 24th January 2012

Recent research from the University of Maryland points to growing numbers of pedestrians injured or killed while wearing headphones. According to the findings, published on Jan. 17 in Injury Prevention, the danger lies in two phenomena.

Corporate interest

By - 20th January 2012

Since October, the Journal has attempted to gain access to AMS credit card statements.

Rich girl

By - 17th January 2012

Blue Ivy Carter entered the world like most celebrity babies, with a unique name and her own million dollar hospital wing. The special treatment her parents, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, received at the hospital has stirred up controversy about equal access to health care.

Eat close to home

By - 13th January 2012

Generations ago, enjoying a fresh strawberry sundae required patience until the next growing season. We take the availability of produce for granted without considering that several decades ago, eating summer fruit in winter was a luxury.

Occupy not over

By - 30th November 2011

Since it reached Confederation Park on Oct. 15, I’ve continued to frequent Occupy Kingston. At first, I didn’t understand what the occupation was for, or how my life experience fit into the equation.

Running ragged

By - 25th November 2011

Gossip Girl character Blair Waldorf once said, “Sleep is for the weak.” Two weeks ago, I would have agreed with that statement.

Forget division

By - 18th November 2011

The popularity of Quebec’s newest political party confirms that separatism is dead.

Colour my world

By - 11th November 2011

There’s something grossly backward about a jaded young person.

Social economy

By - 4th November 2011

Social Impact Bonds could revolutionize the way social programs are delivered in Canada. Here’s the deal: private investors fund the operations of a firm that agrees to achieve a desired positive social outcome.

Change the subject

By - 1st November 2011

Students love to commiserate with each other. During midterm season, bumping into a friend automatically means listening to a list of assignments, tests, presentations and commitments. It’s true; it’s a crazy time of year. But don’t assume you’re the only student on campus with a crazy schedule. The truth is ...

Blackout blues

By - 21st October 2011

For three days last week, BlackBerry enthusiasts had to survive without the device’s trademark messenger service. The overreactions on Facebook and Twitter are leading to investigations of possible lawsuits against the company.

GPA goes wrong

By - 13th October 2011

The University’s new grading system offers no comfort to Queen’s students. The Grade Point Average, implemented in May, hurts the student who cares about the one per cent difference that can make or break a post-secondary career.

Wedded miss

By - 7th October 2011

As my fourth school year hit in September, a startling theme began appearing on my Facebook newsfeed. Distant friends and acquaintances took a plunge, decided to settle early and got engaged. I cringed.

Ailing ears

By - 4th October 2011

I suffer from a recurring earworm infection. It’s not a parasitic insect, but a pop song, stuck deep in my head. The affliction is common in our society where we’re constantly inundated by repetitive music, but I’m so often struck that I can only describe it as torment.

Other guys

By - 30th September 2011

The Take Back the Night march on Sept. 22 featured the “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign, with signs that read “Just because she’s drunk doesn’t mean she wants to f**k.” The new campaign switched the focus from victims of sexual assault to perpetrators.

Flawed model

By - 27th September 2011

Within the stream of Top 40 hits, there’s a nauseating sound that makes me uncomfortable. Taylor Swift’s songs drip with the damn-that’s-catchy sweetness of saturated pop, but upon closer examination they have a hidden darkness.

Rethink week

By - 23rd September 2011

It wasn’t until I became a FREC that I understood how Frosh Week shaped the way I think about alcohol.

Let them be

By - 20th September 2011

From the Book of Genesis, where a serpent tempts Eve, to big-screen Hollywood productions like Snakes on a Plane; the fear of snakes is engrained into the minds of many. Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes, has been passed on for centuries.

The game

By - 9th September 2011

Whether it’s in the cloistered halls of high school or the confines of a tiny dorm room, most of us have taken part in the overachievement game. I know because I’ve been doing it for years.

Motor matters

By - 26th July 2011

Whether it’s texting or drinking, we can’t count on the universe to tweet us every time we might make a mistake.

In a name

By - 28th June 2011

To me, the name by which we call something is not happenstance. Far from arbitrary, a name is an integral part of that thing.

Digital shadows

By - 31st May 2011

As we tweet, comment, like and post on walls, a shadowy digital version of us is compiled in cyberspace. It’s a virtual copy of ourselves with an appearance, personality and lifestyle.

Eds, out

By - 7th April 2011

Though the Editorials page acts as the voice of the Journal as a publication, it can’t represent all of its employees at once.

Go vote

By - 1st April 2011

Before using the Vote Compass, I thought it would be a fun little activity with no bearing on how I would actually vote. Seeing the results, however, caused me to reflect on the phenomenon of people supporting politicians whose politics they don’t necessarily agree with.


By - 25th March 2011

From discussion surrounding Rector Nick Day’s letter and the special vote that took place, to the Alpine Tower controversy at the ASUS Annual General Meeting (AGM), to a motion for AMS to rent a bouncy castle with dancing unicorns and rainbows, I wonder; has this campus gone insane?

Gut reaction

By - 18th March 2011

About a month ago I watched Tyler, The Creator’s stark video for his single “Yonkers.” The west-coaster had me captivated, spitting his trademark aggravated baritone while delicately balancing a cockroach as it crawled through his fingers.

Squirrels, oh my!

By - 8th February 2011

Everyone knows that Queen’s squirrels are special.