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Passionate play

By - 17th January 2014

If you play music with a passion, you must do it for yourself.

Take it slow

By - 14th January 2014

Brendan Canning wants us to relax.

Bringing bromance to the music

By - 25th January 2013

Ultimately, it was pasta that brought them together.

The Strain stays close

By - 25th January 2013

Quebec band The Strain likes to keep it all in the family.

Sweet Jets take off

By - 28th May 2012

When Kingston’s Sweet Jets started out playing house parties, they had no idea they would be recording an EP just a year later.

Leaving the wild

By - 20th April 2012

Interview with the band Wildlife.

Golden screams

By - 5th April 2012

Little Scream discusses her love of guitars.

Hard-rock mythical creatures

By - 5th April 2012

Deaner talks to the Journal about his band Nightseeker.

Musical checks and balances

By - 30th March 2012

The Bright Light Social Hour discuss their musical process.

Musical muse

By - 30th March 2012

A day in the life of Virginia Clark.

Nomadic rock

By - 30th March 2012

Yukon Blonde talks their nomadic lifestyle.

Switching traffic lanes

By - 23rd March 2012

Two Hours Traffic makes a quick stop in Kingston.

‘Rock requires groove’

By - 23rd March 2012

The Junction talks their band's 12 year journey.

Confetti pop

By - 22nd March 2012

Rich Aucoin talks confetti guns and smiles.

‘Need to feel good’

By - 16th March 2012

Interview with Eric Solomon.

Musical back story

By - 16th March 2012

The Reason discuss their loyal fans.

Chasing a creative ghost

By - 2nd March 2012

Buck 65 returns to Kingston.

Walking for inspiration

By - 16th February 2012

Kris and Dee talk natural inspiration.

More than meat and potatoes

By - 14th February 2012

Toronto band Jane's Party talks about their new album.

A little bit of grit

By - 10th February 2012

Young Rival will be counting heads in the audience at the Grad Club tonight.

A little bit of grit

By - 9th February 2012

An interview with rock trio Young Rival.

Country French crash course

By - 7th February 2012

Will Currie & the Country French get their start at university.

Arkells pack Ale

By - 31st January 2012

An interview with the Arkells ahead of their sold-out show

‘Influence is always evolving’

By - 31st January 2012

Young Empires brings their debut album to Kingston.

Electronic rap hybrid

By - 27th January 2012

Edmonton rapper Cadence Weapon comes to Kingston for two nights.

‘Shambolic spinal tap’

By - 27th January 2012

Fucked Up discusses a break from music.

Sick raps

By - 27th January 2012

Queen's medical student spends spare time rapping.

From country to electronica

By - 24th January 2012

Rae Spoon discusses I Can't Keep All Of Our Secrets.

More than a hobby

By - 20th January 2012

An interview with Po' Girl ahead of their two Kingston shows.

In musical labour

By - 20th January 2012

Interview with beekeeper about their musical children.

First time fears

By - 20th January 2012

Ben Bankas brings his humour to downtown Kingston.

Limestone tribute

By - 1st December 2011

The Good Lovelies embark on their holiday tour.

Solo and stranded

By - 1st December 2011

Singer Rob Moir has travel woes.

Musical puberty

By - 18th November 2011

Hands and Teeth prepare for their sophomore album.

Upbeat emotions

By - 18th November 2011

Cuff The Duke comes to Kingston for a two night gig.

‘Liquor, sincerity, insane work ethic’

By - 18th November 2011

White Cowbell Oklahoma brings back the chainsaws and nudity.

Soulful singing moments

By - 18th November 2011

Kingston-based Wendy Luella Perkins is set to debut her new album.

New, not Nashville

By - 4th November 2011

New Country Rehab brings their country rock sound to the Grad Club.

Unplugged style

By - 4th November 2011

Sandro Perry brings his changing sounds to Kingston.

Pushing and pulling

By - 1st November 2011

Charlotte Cornfield comes to Kingston with her new album

Limestone foundation

By - 1st November 2011

The Gertrudes premiere their new album Till the Morning Shows Her Face to Me

Clark’s crew

By - 28th October 2011

Clark Hall Pub has a new house band.

A nerve-wracking return

By - 28th October 2011

PS I Love You is back in Kingston hard at work.

Castle’s in the sky

By - 25th October 2011

Jennifer Castle is back in Kingston with her third album Castlemusic.

‘Three-ring circus’

By - 21st October 2011

Despite his political activism, Matthew Good isn't headed into politics.

Photographic songs

By - 21st October 2011

Rituals finds inspiration in photography.

Deathly brooding

By - 21st October 2011

Elliott Brood brings their death country sound to Kingston.

A romantic choosing

By - 18th October 2011

Jill Barber's whimsical lyrics come to Kingston

Music over lyrics

By - 14th October 2011

Montreal's Malajube brings their French lyrics to Kingston.

Lights at the next level

By - 14th October 2011

Lights kicks off her new tour in Kingston.

An incredible cast

By - 14th October 2011

Dan Mangan discusses his new album and the perks of having a band.

Into the depths of Wildlife

By - 4th October 2011

Wildlife bring their show to Kingston despite recent injuries to their lead singer.

Metal meets Limestone

By - 30th September 2011

Ohbijou released their third album ahead of a tour stop in Kingston.

On the classic track

By - 30th September 2011

Tommy Youngsteen plays the hits from Young, Petty and the Boss.

'Weird around the edges'

By - 27th September 2011

Peter Elkas comes to Kingston with his new record, Repeat Offenders.

Dangling carrots

By - 23rd September 2011

Newfoundland musician Mark Bragg plays the Mansion on Tuesday.

‘The joy of not being dead’

By - 23rd September 2011

Andrew W.K. is back on another Canadian tour.

Skank revival

By - 20th September 2011

The Planet Smashers bring the ska subculture back to Kingston.

Back on the map

By - 20th September 2011

Bruce Peninsula returns with a new album and tour.

Sleuth youth

By - 16th September 2011

The Sleuth Bears release their debut album tonight.

The Dales beat

By - 13th September 2011

Queen's beatboxing star, Julia Dales is headed back to Kingston.

Lyrical epiphanies

By - 13th September 2011

Ahead of their show tonight at the Mansion, Mother Mother talks to the Journal about life since Eureka

No more waitin’ and seein’

By - 31st May 2011

Carmen Townsend and her bandmates are touring Canada in a minivan this month and they’re looking for places to stay.

A duo driven by fear

By - 1st April 2011

With best friend and bandmate Chris Dumont, Stars’ lead singer Torquil Campbell whistles a decidedly different tune.