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Students help students during PSC Cares Week

By - 13th March 2015

The first event of the Peer Support Centre’s (PSC) Cares Week, a “wall of self-love”, asked people to write down something they love about themselves. Most found this difficult.

Recommendations for HCDS released

By - 11th February 2015

A report on the external review of Health, Counselling and Disability Services (HCDS) conducted in October has been released, and will serve as HCDS’s guide to improving its services.

Invisible Injuries

By - 26th September 2014

Steph Nanos had to give up sports in high school because of concussions.

Alcohol education a priority

By - 28th July 2014

For the fourth consecutive year, alcohol will be banned from residence buildings during Orientation Week.

Medical students talk health

By - 10th February 2014

The School of Medicine will be opening its doors to the public for the new Queen’s Medicine Health Talks (QMHT) group.

Let’s talk about sex

By - 17th January 2014

I’m a 20-something living with an invisability and yes, I have sex.

Colour captures

By - 10th October 2013

Roughly a quarter of Queen’s students were diagnosed with a mental illness in 2012, a statistic that led students to rally for mental health awareness on campus.

What's sex got to do with it?

By - 24th September 2013

Steadily increasing in prevalence since the 1990s, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) continue to spread on university campuses. What’s even scarier: you may not know you have one.

Queen’s to develop standards dealing with mental health

By - 4th April 2013

Queen’s and St. Lawrence College announced last week that they’ll be receiving $1 million in funding from the Ontario government to develop a new set of mental health accommodation standards.

A matter of choice

By - 4th April 2013

Kingston’s Pregnancy Care Centre (KPCC) has no desire to deceive anyone, according to director Donna Bell.

Students organize a new way to talk about mental health

By - 21st March 2013

According to Justin Scaini, talking about mental health shouldn’t be dull — it should be inspiring.

Students identify hospital horrors

By - 2nd November 2012

Students walked into what appeared to be a normal hospital setting — beds and surrounding curtains separated the patients lying in bed, except these patients weren’t real; they were simulations that coughed, talked and breathed.

Investigating the effects of energy drinks

By - 30th October 2012

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating an alleged link between Monster Energy drinks and five deaths and one non-fatal heart attack dating back to 2004.

Supporting the marginalized

By - 23rd October 2012

In September of 2011, Principal Daniel Woolf established the Principal’s Commission on Mental Health and tasked it to create a discussion paper of recommendations addressing mental health issues at Queen’s. The Commission should be commended for its approach to mental health but it lacks actionable items regarding social identity and ...

Student blood benefits clinics

By - 2nd March 2012

Volunteers aim to collect 600 pints of blood from students this year.

Donation would better serve HCDS

By - 14th February 2012

Bell Canada has pledged $1 million over the next five years to create a mental health and anti-stigma research chair at Queen’s.

Sizing up Tim Hortons

By - 31st January 2012

The fast-food industry has often lived by the saying "bigger is better" — and our beloved Tim Hortons is no exception.

Sleep-deprived students seek help

By - 27th January 2012

Students with sleep disorders are eligible to register with disability services. They can receive assignment extensions and extra time on exams.

Students stranded by virus

By - 17th January 2012

Queen's health officials gear up for seasonal illnesses.

Fad dieters face drawbacks

By - 13th January 2012

Raw food and Caveman dieters face risks of nutrient deficiency, local dietitian says.

Safeguards in place for tenants

By - 12th January 2012

When a rental property isn’t up to standards, Kingston’s building officers want it fixed quickly.

Prof evaluates tuberculosis testing in prisons

By - 18th November 2011

There’s a more efficient way to treat tuberculosis in Canadian prisons, according to a review conducted by a Queen’s professor.

Campaign misses the mark

By - 1st November 2011

While the recent mental health campaign Queen's Wears Green is well-intentioned, it fails to address the negative stigma that often isolates those with mental illness.

Women's heart health at risk with night shift

By - 1st November 2011

Working night shifts may have negative long-term health implications, according to a study from Queen’s School of Nursing.

Beer ads have tangible effect

By - 21st October 2011

A recent alcohol advertising campaign by Canadian brand James Ready that uses lawn signs, posters and giveaways is troubling.

Top five STIs on campus

By - 9th September 2011

Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV and genital herpes are the most common sexually transmitted infections diagnosed at La Salle.

Going gluten-free

By - 9th September 2011

Gluten-free dieters face difficulty incorporating nutritious food into their lives.

QJ Health: The side effects of sitting

By Caela Fenton - 6th February 2015

You won’t want to sit down when I tell you the latest health scare, because that’s exactly the problem — sitting. This unhealthy habit hits close to home for university students who spend many hours a day sitting in lectures or studying at the library. According to an Oct. 2014 ...

QJ Health: New Year, New Goals

By Caela Fenton - 16th January 2015

If done properly, the beginning of a new year offers a great opportunity for a fresh, successful start. Remember that you define success. If your resolution is to improve your grade point average from a 3.0 to a 3.7, does a 3.5 count as a success? I think it does. ...

The danger of deprivation

By Sean Sutherland - 27th November 2014

With only a few days left before exams kick off and final papers are due, sleep is the last thing on many students’ minds. It’s a time-honoured tradition on campus, as many forgo sleep to cram for an exam or finish up that last essay before classes wrap up. I’m ...

Flu season and the savvy student

By Ellen Avery - 14th November 2014

Overwhelmed lecture halls, communal living spaces and high amounts of social activity make university campuses a perfect breeding ground for the seasonal flu virus. Despite the increased exposure associated with student life, the United States Centre for Disease Control (CDC) estimated only about 13 per cent of post-secondary students are ...

QJ Health: The flaw in #fitspo

By Caela Fenton - 24th October 2014

There’s a fitness phenomenon taking place at the Queen’s ARC. As a frequent exerciser and avid people watcher, I love the gym — or at least most things about the gym. I dislike thinking about the amount of sweat that has been absorbed by the mat that I’m using and ...

QJ Health: Local fitness resources

By Caela Fenton - 15th September 2014

Whether you worked out all summer to stay in beach bod shape or took some time off to deal with the summer job grind, back to school time means back to your Kingston fitness routine. Some of you may already be mentally grumbling about the huge line-ups for the machines ...