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Big city opportunity close to home

By - 28th February 2014

The Kingston Canadian Film Festival (KCFF) is back, and students are becoming more important to it than ever.

Renting nostalgia

By - 4th February 2014

The first time I walked in to Classic Video, I was overwhelmed.

Film with a focus

By - 14th January 2014

A topic, a camera and 72 hours.

Exploring art life

By - 15th November 2013

Life’s challenges can be a source of fulfillment and even success, as two Queen’s alumni express in this soon-to-be-released documentary.

Glitter and gore

By - 29th October 2013

This past Friday night, I lost my virginity to the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' along with Janet and Brad.

Inspiration from abroad

By - 1st October 2013

One year makes all the difference.

A fight for freedom

By - 21st March 2013

After escaping from Libya’s notorious Abu Salim prison, American freedom fighter Matthew VanDyke didn’t head home: he went straight back to the frontlines.

First world’s third world

By - 15th November 2012

Documentary filmmaker Andrée Cazabon wants Canadians to realize that the third world is far closer to them than they may believe.

Renowned filmmaker visits lecture

By - 16th March 2012

Sam Edwards had no idea that when he went to class on Tuesday night, legendary director David Cronenberg would show up.

Local reels return

By - 2nd March 2012

A preview of this year's Kingston Canadian Film Festival.

Big-screen Gael

By - 16th February 2012

Queen's grad and athlete Rogan Christopher talks about acting in his new film Footsteps.

Sound of silence

By - 16th February 2012

Film-making professor says he used to watch his movies with the sound off during the editing process.

Rethink going pink

By - 3rd February 2012

Samantha King's book Pink Ribbons, Inc premiers as a documentary.

Enchanting experience

By - 16th September 2011

The Screening Room begins a guest speaker initiative this Sunday.

Film facelift

By - 26th July 2011

The new owner of a local movie theatre is looking to attract students. Wendy Huot, a Queen’s University librarian, bought the Screening Room at 120 Princess St. this June. She said she’s hoping to add late-night screenings of horror and cult films to “encourage a different crowd and be a ...

Fighting for fat

By - 28th June 2011

Queen's students, Margaret Donahoe and Gillian Good, premiered their short film Fat at this year's TIFF Student Showcase on May 26.

Life is Biutiful

By - 1st April 2011

The story of a man on the road to redemption, Biutiful shows viewers the contradiction that darkness can light the way.