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The mystery of Bosch

By - 13th March 2015

The mystery of Hieronymus Bosch and his bizarre artwork was unravelled in an insightful lecture by Ron Pronk.

Panelists discuss architecture and surveillance

By - 16th January 2015

Little did we know how much surveillance technology, architecture and the history of warfare had in common until Charles Stankievech and David Murakami Wood came together.

Sci-fi art leaves viewers intrigued at Agnes

By - 13th January 2015

University of Toronto architecture graduate Charles Stankievech’s exhibition entitled “Monuments as Ruin” has captivated audiences since its opening at Agnes Etherington Art Centre (AEAC) on Jan. 10.

A diverse collection of works

By - 9th January 2015

Studio 22 Open Gallery always displays and encourages innovative and unusual artwork in their space on King Street East.

Pointillist-style exhibition leaves audiences pondering

By - 21st October 2014

Teresa Mrozicka’s oil-painting exhibition Blue invited viewers to interpret earthly subject matter portrayed through vibrant colours and pointillism styles.

Nature meets fantasy

By - 19th September 2014

With a particular focus on nature, fairy tales and the secrecy of the human mind, artist Rebecca Cowan’s series Nymphs - New Works in Mixed Media is the epitome of thought-provoking art.

H’Art exhibition shows a lot of heart

By - 27th May 2014

Fine art and fine dining unite to create an unforgettable exhibition in downtown Kingston.

Union Gallery stages AGM protest

By - 21st March 2014

The Union Gallery staged a protest at the AMS Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday to raise awareness about the loss of their student fee.

Rothko behind the walls

By - 21st January 2014

Abstract expressionism has always strived to represent individualism, freedom and an authentic self.

Societal dialogue

By - 17th January 2014

A true artist is always deeply involved in facilitating and fostering a dialogue with society.

Shattering boundaries

By - 14th January 2014

As I opened the door to the Kingston Glass Studio & Gallery I was immediately hit with a wall of heat ― a stark and welcoming contrast to the sleet and snow currently overpowering Kingston.

Creating imagery

By - 14th January 2014

Walking into the OIL & ACID exhibit at the Union Gallery, the viewer is struck by the powerful and energetic themes behind the artistic creations.

Messages from Beirut

By - 28th November 2013

Walking into the All is Well exhibit, the viewer will be struck by its emptiness.

Etiquette under discussion

By - 25th October 2013

Refraining from walking on a sculpture, for most people, seems common sense.

Enlightened morbid reality

By - 22nd October 2013

Enlightened in its morbid reality and drenched in satire, Tammy Salzl's tell-tales examines unique issues of morality and humanity in a series of paintings and collages.

Artful healing

By - 18th October 2013

Art has a healing power.

In spaces of spectacle

By - 10th October 2013

Lynne Marsh’s performance and video pieces concentrate on time and location — and the subtleties of everyday life.

Exploring fantastical worlds at new heights

By - 8th October 2013

To the untrained eye, may look like a kindergarten classroom with its bright colours and imaginary creatures.

Diamond in the rough

By - 27th September 2013

The living room doubles as a stage, art gallery and soon-to-be yoga studio.

Empowerment in figures

By - 24th September 2013

A new exhibit on campus puts truth behind the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Recognize and recollect

By - 25th January 2013

Can we trust our own memory?

Drawings from the past

By - 28th September 2012

While I was walking down the road to see an exhibit, little did I know when I finally made it to the right gallery, I had stepped into seventeenth-century Western Europe.

The art of moulding glass

By - 30th March 2012

A look at how glass blowing works.

Stringing past and present

By - 16th March 2012

Queen's Grad brings artwork to Kingston.

Art for awareness

By - 16th March 2012

As a part of Aboriginal Awareness Week, two Aboriginal artists will speak at Union Gallery.

Inspiration in the arbitrary

By - 16th March 2012

A review of In the Grain at Union Gallery.

Inspiration through time and space

By - 2nd March 2012

Queen's students heads to Toronto for art show.

Urban's farm

By - 3rd February 2012

Artist Colette Urban comes to Kingston.

Fine Arts students protest at Summerhill

By - 2nd December 2011

BFA students to present motion at Board of Trustees tonight

Artwork found in alley

By - 1st December 2011

Missing artwork found this morning.

Artwork stolen

By - 1st December 2011

The guitar from an outdoor exhibit was stolen.

Power of puppets

By - 25th November 2011

Presence of puppetry in popular culture can be traced back thousands of years.

Allure of anime

By - 1st November 2011

Japanese-style animation draws loyal student fan base.

Nonchalant about nudity

By - 16th September 2011

Being seen naked isn’t everyone’s biggest fear. For Bonita Summers, her career as a nude model means contributing to someone’s artistic development.

A septet emerges

By - 31st May 2011

Over the summer, Union Gallery will showcase the work of seven new artists.