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Alfie’s goes Underground

By - 30th July 2013

The AMS is undertaking an overhaul of Alfie’s, renovating the 37-year-old nightclub and re-branding it as “The Underground,” the most recent attempt to address the club’s continuing financial losses.

Alfie's looks to boost booze security

By - 30th March 2012

Alfie’s is looking to install gates over its bars to prevent theft of alcohol.

No confirmed druggings in case

By - 16th February 2012

A week after three Alfie’s patrons were brought to hospital, officials say there’s no evidence the students were drugged.

Fresh start for football star

By - 23rd September 2011

The football team’s losing streak wasn’t the only thing that ended with the 58-35 win over the Laurier Golden Hawks last Saturday. With a four-touchdown, 368-yard performance, top receiver Giovanni Aprile had his first big game after a Queen’s-imposed suspension.

Stretcher stolen outside Alfie's

By - 5th June 2011

A gurney was stolen at Alfie's while paramedics inside responded to a call on Saturday night.