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Sexual assault policy consultation moving forward

By - 6th March 2015

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Working Group (SAPRWG) finished up a series of four open consultations regarding a permanent sexual assault policy this week.

Letter to the Editor

By - 12th February 2015

Don’t Blame Torcolacci

First employee resource group for women launched

By - 27th November 2014

Following years of examination into equity issues at the University, the first Employee Resource Group (ERG) for women was launched this month.

Philosophy prof reveals discrimination

By - 27th November 2014

Adèle Mercier, a professor in the philosophy department, has accused Queen’s of using intimidation tactics to silence her and two other professors after she filed a complaint of gender discrimination against the department.

Queen’s to release internal sexual assault response report

By - 7th November 2014

The University is set to release an internal report on policies, procedures and support programs that address sexual assault involving students.

Plan updated for first time in 11 years

By - 13th February 2013

The University is updating its Campus Master Plan and they hope to make West Campus a destination for student life.

Queen’s aims for accessible campus

By - 25th January 2013

Two years after the approval of Queen’s accessibility framework, the University continues to strive towards a more accessible campus.

Second term sought

By - 22nd January 2013

Principal Daniel Woolf doesn’t want his time at Queen’s to come to an end.

Enrolment has potential

By - 19th October 2012

The University is looking into establishing a planning committee to propose a new enrolment strategy by spring 2013, says Provost Alan Harrison.

Improving the Queen’s Press

By - 25th September 2012

The Kingston office of the McGill-Queen’s University Press (MQUP) is temporarily closed after its three staff left their positions.

Copying concerns

By - 25th June 2012

Students could be facing $22.50 in new student fees this fall if Queen’s signs a new copyright agreement.

NAD under fire

By - 5th April 2012

Offenses traditionally processed through the Non-Academic Discipline System have been rerouted to school administrators, leaving the future of Queen's peer-to-peer method uncertain.

New strategic research plan in the works

By - 16th February 2012

The first section of the newly-revised Strategic Research Plan was brought to a Town Hall meeting last Tuesday looking to shift Queen’s research to an international focus.

Administration owes explanation

By - 27th January 2012

Since 2005, Queen’s students have paid a mandatory annual student fee of $70 to pay for the construction of the Queen’s Centre Phases 1, 2 and 3.

QUASR gets boost

By - 20th January 2012

The Queen’s University Administrative Systems Replacement (QUASR) project has received an $800,000 boost from the University’s operating budget in order to complete the last leg of a three-year task.

A statement from Queen's Bands

By - 1st December 2011

Queen's Bands will return in January as a reinvigorated and recalibrated organization

Senate stalls initiative on suspensions

By - 25th November 2011

On Tuesday, Queen’s Senate tabled an initiative that called for guidelines for future program suspensions.

Res citations increase

By - 18th November 2011

Drunk students can end up in either the Campus Observation Room, Emergency Room or Detox Centre

College ties strengthened

By - 11th November 2011

A new agreement between Queen’s and St. Lawrence College aims to address issues that students face when completing both college and university educations.

Hot food not an option

By - 1st November 2011

Vendors report a loss in profits after being told to discontinue the sale of hot foods.

Senate decides to keep GPA system

By - 28th October 2011

Queen’s Senator Jordan Morelli wants the University to rethink its grading structure.

Lawsuit filed against Queen's

By - 28th October 2011

A September court ruling against Loyalist College has led to a lawsuit against Queen’s.

James Ready campaign targets students

By - 14th October 2011

Queen's was selected as one of six schools targeted by beer company James Ready's new advertising campaign.

Survey for sexual orientation and gender identity

By - 7th October 2011

All Queen’s employees are now able to identify their sexual preference and gender identity on an equity census.

New copyright policy enacted

By - 16th September 2011

Queen’s opted out of an Access Copyright agreement, saving at least $800,000 in the process.

Adminstration and Faculty union reach tentative agreement

By - 15th August 2011

Negotiators did what they could "to avert crisis on campus," says Faculty Association president Paul Young

Faculty union and administration take break from mediation to consider offers

By - 15th August 2011

After more than 18 hours of bargaining, Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA) and University administration postponed mediation talks.

Outlet closure leads to new fees

By - 26th July 2011

Queen's has handed its contract with Canada Post with the closure of the Royal Postal Outlet. Under a new agreement, Queen's will be charged for mailbag collections and deliveries.

Stand-off on labour talks

By - 26th July 2011

QUFA President Paul Young and Queen's Provost Bob Silverman weigh in on the ongoing labour negotiations from either side of the bargaining table.

University plans to delete deficit by 2013

By - 28th June 2011

The new fiscal year's operating budget plans to limit enrollment, fund faculties and solve the pension deficit.

Art centre steels attention

By - 28th June 2011

Queen's Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts is brought up at city council because of safety concerns about the building's siding.