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Professor looks to keep language program live

By - 27th March 2015

LinguaeLive isn’t only a platform that pairs students together to learn each other’s languages — it’s a way of evening the linguistic playing field, according to creator Jennifer Hosek.

Africa Day builds partnerships

By - 27th March 2015

Five years after the inaugural event, Queen’s held its second Africa Day Symposium — a conference on the various research being done in Africa.

ASUS papers over problems in DSC election

By - 13th March 2015

ASUS switched to paper ballots during Department Student Council (DSC) elections last Thursday after experiencing errors in its online voting system, and there’s still confusion about who’s responsible.

Senate approves ArtSci internship program

By - 27th February 2015

A new Arts and Science paid internship program was approved at the Feb. 24 Senate meeting, paving the way for it to begin this September.

Provost releases HLTH 102 findings

By - 19th February 2015

Two weeks after being asked to evaluate complaints about Melody Torcolacci’s teaching of HLTH 102 — in which, students alleged, she taught anti-vaccination viewpoints — Provost Alan Harrison has released the results of his information-gathering.

HLTH 102 professor takes leave of absence

By - 12th February 2015

Following controversy over HLTH 102 slides that some students say teach anti-vaccination theories, Melody Torcolacci has left the course, and a new professor will teach it for the rest of the year.

Women underrepresented in technology fields

By - 6th February 2015

When Faculty of Education Professor Lynda Colgan asks young students to draw a scientist, they usually draw a character with a lab coat, glasses and “crazy hair”.

Admin aware of Torcolacci problems in 2011

By - 6th February 2015

Though Principal Daniel Woolf was unaware of complaints against Melody Torcolacci’s teaching until Wednesday morning, a former student claims the University was made aware of the complaints he filed in 2011.

Queen's professor slammed for alleging link between vaccines and autism

By - 4th February 2015

A tweet criticizing Queen’s Health 102 professor Melody Torcolacci for teaching that vaccines cause autism went viral last night, but it’s only the most recent in a series of complaints about her teaching.

More to English

By - 21st November 2014

“English … ah.”

Revising exam study strategies

By - 21st November 2014

Many students focus on rote memorization and cramming to prepare for exams — but these strategies are rarely the most helpful, according to education professor John Kirby.

Active learning classrooms officially launched

By - 31st October 2014

The University officially launched three active learning classrooms in Ellis Hall on Monday.

ASUS to consult students on ArtSci grading

By - 28th October 2014

ASUS will hold a town hall meeting on Tuesday for students to express their feedback on the Arts and Science Grade Report released in April, to be considered in ASUS’s official recommendation to the faculty.

Lecture halls prepare for a face-lift

By - 19th September 2014

An instructor stands at the front of an auditorium, lecturing to dozens or hundreds of students. This is the basis of many university courses — but it can be ineffective.

The balancing act

By - 28th July 2014

For incoming first-years, the mere prospect of experiencing university can be overwhelming.

Library app counts occupancy

By - 3rd February 2014

Stauffer Library now has an online tool that will tell students how much space is available in the library, but it’s quite different from what AMS executive team JDL promised in 2012.

According to the research

By - 14th January 2014

You can’t have teaching without research and vice versa, according to John Smol.

Helping students Bounce Back

By - 14th January 2014

First-year students who are facing academic probation have the opportunity to participate in a new program that aims to improve their grades.

Female engineering enrolment top in country

By - 1st November 2013

More than a quarter of students within Queen’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences are female, the highest average for female enrolment in the country.

Roads must diverge from Rhodes

By - 22nd October 2013

Bill Clinton went to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship. Bill Clinton went to Oxford on the profits of rampant colonialism.

The learning curve

By - 22nd October 2013

Thinking outside the box can be a challenge, but for those with learning disabilities, it’s the only option.

Students critically need thinking skills

By - 4th October 2013

The proposed policy that would require Ontario universities to become more specialized is well-intentioned, but fails to address a more fundamental problem: that many of the programs they offer aren’t well-suited to prepare students for the job market.

Ontario decreases annual tuition cap

By - 24th September 2013

The Ontario government is reducing the cap on annual tuition fee increases over the next four years, limiting inflation rates.

The minor difference

By - 30th July 2013

When choosing your classes, adding a minor to your major can increase your chances of future employment, according to Career Services.

Shifting gears

By - 30th July 2013

Approximately 200 students at Queen’s switch faculties each year, but not everyone who wants to is permitted to do so.

Ten-year report plans enrolment growth

By - 27th May 2013

With enrolment targets for the next two years passed by Senate late last month, a long-term, big picture document is in the works for an early 2014 release.

Uncertain future for co-op

By - 18th January 2013

Last spring, the University hired a new position to look into the potential of expanding experiential learning for Queen’s students. According to Career Services, the program is still in its research stage and has yet to develop any firm plans.

National scholarship returns

By - 15th November 2012

The Queen’s National Scholar (QNS) program, which was created in 1983 to attract exceptional professors to Queen’s, will be reinstated in June 2013.

Department retracts bad behaviour clause

By - 15th November 2012

The department of psychology has rejected a civility clause for PSYC 300 that deducts 10 per cent of a student’s overall mark for bad behaviour.

Prof deducts grades for bad behaviour

By - 2nd November 2012

The AMS is raising questions over a civility clause for PSYC 300 which deducts marks for bad behavior.

Mohawk, Inuktitut courses in demand

By - 28th September 2012

Two new Indigenous language courses are at full capacity in the first year of them being offered at Queen’s.

New model gets blended response

By - 28th September 2012

Of over 140 100-level courses listed in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences course calendar, five are taught in a blended format. But the gradual move towards this new method of learning isn’t always the most cost-effective way to study.

Queen's criticized

By - 21st September 2012

The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) recently released their report on Queen’s investigation into a former professor’s conduct.

Faculty Board proposes accelerated medical school

By - 28th May 2012

If a proposed new program passes at Senate, select students could proceed to medical school at Queen’s after only two years of undergraduate education.

NAD under fire

By - 5th April 2012

Offenses traditionally processed through the Non-Academic Discipline System have been rerouted to school administrators, leaving the future of Queen's peer-to-peer method uncertain.

Terrorism not biggest threat

By - 30th March 2012

Canada’s critical infrastructure isn’t adequately safeguarded against terrorism and other threats, a Queen’s-affiliated study suggests.

Online learning puts revenue first

By - 23rd March 2012

I recently submitted two questions for Provost Alan Harrison for the March 27 meeting of Senate. One is: why do we already have a financial exploration, or “business case,” for expanding online learning, and not a word on the subject in our new Academic Plan? The other is: why won’t ...

Blended learning to draw more revenue

By - 16th March 2012

University representatives and local government officials met last Friday to discuss the finances of Queen’s blended-learning system.

Admin won’t add extracurriculars to student transcripts

By - 8th March 2012

Ontario universities are adopting a new student record that documents extracurricular involvement. Queen's administration said they won't be following suit.

GPA talks resume

By - 2nd March 2012

Discussions over the GPA grading system resumed in Senate on Tuesday when a fourth-year student was invited by the Principal to speak on behalf of students.

Alumni donate $500K

By - 27th January 2012

A B.C.-based mining company led by two Queen’s alumni has donated $500,000 to the University.

Sleep-deprived students seek help

By - 27th January 2012

Students with sleep disorders are eligible to register with disability services. They can receive assignment extensions and extra time on exams.

Dual degrees discontinued

By - 24th January 2012

Come September, Queen’s will no longer offer dual degrees with the Faculty of Arts and Science for students enrolled in Nursing, Applied Science and Commerce.

Canadian schools pilot semester-less system

By - 19th January 2012

Next year, students at Algoma University and University of Northern British Columbia will take one course for three weeks as part of an alternative class structure developed at Colorado College.

Savvy students head to Toronto

By - 17th January 2012

The Queen’s Entrepreneurs' Competition is moving to Toronto for the first time on Thursday.

Senate stalls initiative on suspensions

By - 25th November 2011

On Tuesday, Queen’s Senate tabled an initiative that called for guidelines for future program suspensions.

Academic Plan gets go-ahead

By - 25th November 2011

The Academic Plan that will direct the University’s academic future was unanimously approved at Tuesday’s Senate meeting.

Program must make changes

By - 18th November 2011

The current media coverage regarding the suspension of BFA admissions for 2012-13 is not the publicity I had in mind.

Fine arts admissions suspended

By - 11th November 2011

AMS Assembly voted to create a committee last night that will investigate the University’s decision to suspend admissions into the fine arts program.

Concerns about professor

By - 4th November 2011

Adjunct assistant professor Mike Mason has not attended his class since he announced that students had complained to the history department about terms used in his lectures.

Inefficient education must evolve

By - 4th November 2011

Queen's should take a cue from new educational initiatives that are changing the way we learn.

No plans for fall reading week

By - 4th November 2011

More universities adopt second reading weeks, but Queen's may not follow suit.

Policy on cheating will work

By - 1st November 2011

Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest school board has taken flak for a new policy that prevents teachers from assigning zeros when students are caught cheating. The Eastern School District’s policy has been criticized as too lenient because cheaters are given a second chance to retake assignments and tests. It’s applicable to ...

Websites will share academic resources

By - 1st November 2011

Two student-run online companies offering academic services are set to launch this week at Queen’s.

Room for faculty transfers limited

By - 20th October 2011

Features debunks the myth that upper-year students can easily transfer from Arts and Science into Commerce.

Student soldiers

By - 3rd October 2011

Twenty-three Canadian Forces members are enrolled in undergraduate programs at Queen's.

Fine Arts returns students to building

By - 27th September 2011

Third-year students in the Fine Art program have returned to Ontario Hall after an administrative error forced their removal from the building last year.

Blended not better

By - 27th September 2011

Queen’s offered two blended learning classes this fall, combining lectures with online learning. The movement is a necessary change as class sizes continue to grow, but the blended format has some inherent pitfalls.

Left out on writing?

By - 1st April 2011

An article published in the Journal on March 25 considered the status of student writing at Queen’s, as well as the impending preliminary report from the Academic Planning Task Force on April 28.

Wiki-, wiki-, what?

By - 1st April 2011

The so-called “Wikipedians” of Imperial College hope to turn Wikipedia into an official research tool, in acknowledgement of its enormous popularity among students.

In pursuit of perfectionism

By Natasa Bansagi - 27th February 2015

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been told, “You’re a perfectionist.” Admittedly, I strive to hold myself to the highest standards in life and school, but I’ve often hinged my satisfaction on the full attainment of these measures alone. Many times, I’ve focused more on planning a task ...

A craving for competition

By Katherine Meagher - 9th January 2015

Whether we strive to be the smartest, the fastest or the beer pong champion, it can be a rare thing to find oneself in a social context completely devoid of any contest. Most of us can’t even recall having been to a house party that didn’t at some point feature ...

Sport meets school

By Alex Wilkie - 13th September 2014

This fall, over 200 new students will burst onto the Queen’s athletic scene. First year is a guaranteed challenge, but toss in daily training plus weekly travel to games, and first-year Gaels have their work cut out for them. As a member of the Queen’s Cross Country team, I know ...