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Human rights complaint against AMS dismissed

By - 2nd April 2015

A Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) complaint filed against the AMS in March 2013 by a former employee was dismissed earlier this month after an adjudicator failed to find evidence of employment discrimination based on her disability.

AMS may alter acclamation policy

By - 2nd April 2015

Team CBW became the third AMS executive team to be automatically acclaimed earlier this year, but if the Assembly passes changes to election policy, they may be the last.

WRL — the year in review

By - 2nd April 2015

Following the release of their State of the Union report, AMS President Allison Williams, Vice-President of Operations Justin Reekie and Vice-President of University Affairs Philip Lloyd — or Team WRL — sat down with The Journal to reflect on platform points and overall progress during their term.

Queen’s Pub puts Queen’s grads on ice

By - 2nd April 2015

When a local brewing company owned by Queen’s graduates approached the Queen’s Pub (QP) last year about getting their beer on the menu, they didn’t realize how difficult it would be.

Students need to continue legacy of activism

By - 2nd April 2015

When our grandparents share stories of a world engulfed by war or divided over segregation, it’s easy for us to believe that the future will be better.

SHRC deserved better

By - 27th March 2015

The AMS acted poorly when they attempted to pressure a club into determining their entire future in three days.

Pro-life club has a right to function

By - 20th March 2015

AMS-ratified clubs have a right to promote their ideologies — and students have an equal right to criticize them.

SHRC will become SGPS club next year

By - 20th March 2015

The Sexual Health Resource Centre (SHRC) executive found out on March 13 they had to decide whether they would become an SGPS club or an AMS service next year — and they were only given 72 hours to do it.

ReUnion Street Festival fee passes, after a fight

By - 13th March 2015

A mandatory $12.50 ReUnion Street Festival fee and a $24.43 Tricolour Yearbook and Studio Q opt-out fee passed at Tuesday’s AMS Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Festival fee moves to AGM

By - 27th February 2015

After roughly five and a half hours of debate, AMS Assembly ratified the incoming 2015-16 council, established a new opt-out fee for Studio Q and passed the ReUnion Street Festival fee on Feb. 12.

CBW hires 2015-16 council

By - 27th February 2015

Hiring for the incoming AMS Council has concluded after the incoming executive, consisting of President-elect Kanivanan Chinniah, Vice-President of Operations-elect Kyle Beaudry and Vice-President of University Affairs-elect Catherine Wright, reviewed 31 applications and conducted two rounds of interviews.

Board of Directors bars guests

By - 12th February 2015

The AMS Board of Directors decided at its Jan. 12 meeting to restrict students from attending its bi-weekly meetings.

AMS to seek $12.50 festival fee

By - 12th February 2015

The AMS is asking for a $12.50 mandatory student fee to help cover the costs of next year’s ReUnion Street Festival, intended to become an annual event.

Admin, support ReUnion

By - 6th February 2015

It’s in the University’s best interests to help establish the ReUnion Street Festival as a new Homecoming tradition.

Students campaign against voter apathy

By - 6th February 2015

Some students and professors believe that voter turnout in student government elections will never improve.

Understand the referendum

By - 4th February 2015

Simple adjustments can be made to the AMS referendum process to ensure students understand the influence their vote has.

AMS lobbies Queen’s for ReUnion Street Festival funding

By - 3rd February 2015

Though Principal Daniel Woolf expressed hope last fall that the ReUnion Street Festival would become a new Homecoming tradition, the University is refusing to provide the AMS with funding to support the festival.

MUSE fee proposal fails in winter referendum

By - 30th January 2015

The AMS 2015 winter referendum, which took place alongside elections on Tuesday and Wednesday, saw a voter turnout of 34.6 per cent, up from 33 per cent in 2014.

Trustee election goes to Jennifer Li

By - 29th January 2015

Jennifer Li’s party erupted in celebration when current undergraduate student trustee Andrew Aulthouse walked in with a party in tow.

Take out the trash talk

By - 27th January 2015

Political campaigns for student leadership positions are hard.

CBW is seeking student support

By - 23rd January 2015

On Jan. 15, Team CBW was elected by acclamation to be the next AMS executive.

Blair, Li focus on student connection

By - 23rd January 2015

Undergraduate Student Trustee candidates Mike Blair and Jennifer Li were hesitant to stray from their platforms during Thursday’s trustee debate at the JDUC.

Team CBW addresses clubs and insider culture at second of two public forums

By - 21st January 2015

Clubs, campus services, the ReUnion Street Festival, sexual assault, mental health, international students, the “internal culture” of the AMS, student engagement and the Richardson Project were among the topics discussed by the AMS executive-elect at a public forum Tuesday night.

Jennifer Li will keep lines of communication open

By - 21st January 2015

As Undergraduate Student Trustee, Jennifer Li’s focus would be on ensuring students trust her to share their concerns.

Mike Blair prioritizes student safety

By - 21st January 2015

If you asked Undergraduate Student Trustee candidate Mike Blair what one of the most important issues that Queen’s needs to address is, he would say student safety.

Team CBW seeks continuity with past executives

By - 20th January 2015

Kanivanan Chinniah, Kyle Beaudry and Catherine Wright became the incoming 2015-16 AMS executive thanks to an uncontested run, but despite the atypical circumstances of their election — the first acclamation in 25 years — they say they intend to retain continuity with past AMS leaders.

Team CBW holds first of two public forums

By - 20th January 2015

The first of two public forums for the incoming AMS executive-elect, Team CBW, was held Monday evening in the lower ceilidh of the JDUC.

AMS acclamation omits students

By - 20th January 2015

Without a vote of confidence, Team CBW’s imposition as incoming AMS executive was undemocratic.

CBW acclaimed as new executive

By - 16th January 2015

The AMS acclaimed Team CBW — Kanivanan Chinniah, Kyle Beaudry and Catherine Wright — as the incoming 2015-16 executive team late Wednesday night.

Team CBW acclaimed as incoming AMS executive

By - 14th January 2015

The AMS has acclaimed Team CBW — Kanivanan Chinniah, Kyle Beaudry and Catherine Wright — as the incoming 2015-16 executive team.

AMS Executive Director departs

By - 9th January 2015

AMS Executive Director Annette Paul left the organization on Monday, after almost three years working at the AMS.

New mayor brings fresh start

By - 9th January 2015

As Kingston’s new mayor has familiarized with his role, town-gown relations have become a pressing issue.

Female student leaders lacking

By - 9th January 2015

In 1884, Queen’s became the first university west of the Maritimes — and ahead of much of the world — to have female graduates.

All referendum fees successful

By - 14th November 2014

The 2014 AMS fall referendum, which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, saw the highest voter turnout since 1995, according to figures from AMS Information & Policy Officer Greg McKellar.

Underground meets tough competition

By - 31st October 2014

The Underground has made strides to improve, but students aren’t seeing it, according to AMS Vice-President of Operations Justin Reekie.

Assembly adopts proportional representation

By - 31st October 2014

A second reading of the motion to change the composition of AMS Assembly to proportional representation passed last night with two abstentions, removing Residence Society’s voting seats.

AMS fumbles JDUC revitalization

By - 29th October 2014

The preliminary stages of the AMS’s JDUC revitalization plan have been poorly executed, and reflect greater failures on the part of the AMS and the University.

Accessibility trumps experience

By - 22nd October 2014

The AMS no-experience-necessary hiring policy is a valuable initiative to ensure accessible employment for students.

No experience required for the AMS

By - 9th October 2014

When Maggie Fisher applied to work at Common Ground in first year, she had no previous experience in the food industry.

AMS Assembly seeks move to proportional representation

By - 25th September 2014

A motion to change AMS Assembly’s composition to proportional representation, where faculty societies would receive more votes based on how many students they represent, was tabled at last week's Assembly until a sub-committee reviews the proposal's implications.

Underground sales sink

By - 19th September 2014

According to preliminary figures, the Underground’s sales have sunk since 2013, when it was rebranded from Alfie’s Nightclub.

Executive summer in review

By - 4th September 2014

In the first four months of their term, the AMS executive has made steps towards accomplishing all items outlined in their platform.

Trust at risk

By - 3rd April 2014

The current administration is not only losing trust in student leadership, but is actively working to curtail this proud tradition.

Putting money where media is

By - 21st March 2014

The AMS Annual General Meeting (AGM) Tuesday night saw three Queen’s media services fight for funding from the student body.

Putting the pain in campaign

By - 28th February 2014

It’s been about a month since the end of the AMS elections and my time running as the Vice-President (Operations) candidate for Team SMH.

New Council hired

By - 13th February 2014

The incoming AMS executive team WRL hired its new council on Sunday.

Results released

By - 31st January 2014

The AMS executive election and Winter Referendum saw a 33 per cent voter turnout. Of the 10 opt-outable fees on the ballot, only one was unsuccessful.

WRL wins AMS election

By - 30th January 2014

Team WRL won the AMS executive election tonight with approximately 60 per cent of the student vote.

Dedicated decades for students’ sovereignty

By - 28th January 2014

The Queen’s Alma Mater Society outdates Canada and has outlived other products of its era.

Candidates talk AMS commissions

By - 24th January 2014

Both AMS executive teams have promised to make changes to commissions, with both addressing efficiency within the AMS.

Rector debate

By - 24th January 2014

Yesterday’s debate between the rector candidates Aman Partap, ArtSci ’17, Marcus Threndyle, ArtSci ’16, and Mike Young, ConEd ’15, focused on student mental health and wellness.

Williams and Mason go head to head

By - 22nd January 2014

Wednesday night's AMS presidential debate saw discussion on student engagement and advocacy priorities for the AMS.

VP Ops candidates talk services

By - 21st January 2014

Tuesday evening’s AMS vice president of operations debate narrowed in on the management of AMS services and their budgets.

SMH presidential candidate subject of alleged identity theft

By - 21st January 2014

Team SMH presidential candidate Scott Mason has filed a police report regarding an alleged identity theft related to the ownership of four elections-related websites.

VPUA debate tackles platform feasibility

By - 21st January 2014

Today’s vice-president (university affairs) debate focused on the feasibility of each AMS team’s platform.

Student input a focus for Team WRL

By - 21st January 2014

Team WRL promises to bring discounted VIA rail tickets, two new services to the JDUC and gluten-free options to the Brew if elected.

Team SMH takes realistic approach

By - 21st January 2014

An AMS executive team should be realistic, according to Team SMH.

Discipline defended

By - 17th January 2014

The AMS is advising students to be wary if they receive emails from the Office of Student Affairs requesting to meet.


By - 17th January 2014

Two teams were ratified for the 2014 AMS Executive election ballot, but a third team was left out after they failed to meet nomination requirements, according to the AMS Elections Team.

Salary increase in the works for AMS

By - 28th November 2013

The AMS is looking to raise its AMS-specific fee of $70.74 in an effort to increase wages for full-time staff.

Office budget projects deficit

By - 15th November 2013

The AMS General Office Budget for the 2013-14 year was released at AMS Assembly last Thursday, with projections indicating an increased deficit compared to last year.

TAPS looks to boost club’s popularity

By - 15th November 2013

With the Underground facing mounting financial pressures, students have a mixed opinion on the rebranded nightclub.

Realignment appeal successful

By - 8th November 2013

The AMS, the Sydenham District Association (SDA) and law student Kevin Wiener have successfully appealed City Council’s electoral boundary realignment bylaw.

Referendum reformation

By - 8th November 2013

Fall Referendum results were released last Wednesday with a remarkably low voter turnout of 15.8 per cent. There is plenty of blame to go around for this dismally low number, but the AMS is the primary culprit.

No bar, no problem

By - 1st November 2013

Around four years ago, Kingston’s last gay bar — Shay Foo Foo’s — shut its doors for good. Since then, LGBTQ community members are unsure if they even want one at all.

Fall Referendum results announced

By - 1st November 2013

Official Fall Referendum results were released on Wednesday, determining the financial future of many clubs.

TAPS could run dry

By - 1st November 2013

Despite a costly rebrand, the Underground isn’t faring as well as expected financially, according to AMS Vice-President (Operations) Nicola Plummer.

Issue 18: Darts & Laurels

By - 29th October 2013

Issue 18: Darts & Laurels

Students left out of Fall Referendum

By - 29th October 2013

Following last week’s Fall Referendum voting process, it was found that 20 students were excluded from the initial vote.

Mayor makes mark with students

By - 25th October 2013

Mayor Mark Gerretsen was last night’s guest speaker at AMS Assembly, where he spoke to students about his opinions on Homecoming.

Issue 13: Darts & Laurels

By - 8th October 2013

Each digital release of the Journal will feature weekly darts and laurels, listing what should be celebrated and criticized from the previous week in world news and campus culture.

Issue 11: Darts & Laurels

By - 1st October 2013

Each digital release of the Journal will feature weekly darts and laurels, listing what should be celebrated and criticized from the previous week in world news and campus culture.

Student safety audit stalled

By - 27th September 2013

Nearly a year since the AMS launched a safety audit of the housing areas surrounding the University, the Municipal Affairs Commission has yet to make changes to reflect audit results.

AMS raises concerns on enrolment plans

By - 24th September 2013

The AMS is calling for the University to hold off on increasing enrolment, according to a report passed at a special AMS Assembly on Saturday.

Policy to impose sanctions on student groups

By - 17th September 2013

The AMS is drafting a policy that will allow it to sanction entire student organizations as part of its Non-Academic Discipline (NAD) system.

Issue 7: Darts & Laurels

By - 17th September 2013

Darts and laurels for issue 7

Fall executive review

By - 13th September 2013

Four months into their term, the AMS executive has put the wheels in motion for most of the initiatives outlined in their election platform.

Alfie’s goes Underground

By - 30th July 2013

The AMS is undertaking an overhaul of Alfie’s, renovating the 37-year-old nightclub and re-branding it as “The Underground,” the most recent attempt to address the club’s continuing financial losses.

New director hired

By - 27th May 2013

The AMS has instated a new managerial position to oversee its operations.

Students take on City and province

By - 27th May 2013

Queen’s students are fighting back against City Council after its members voted in favour of a bylaw which will realign the city’s electoral districts.

AMS looks to file appeal against City Council decision

By - 24th April 2013

The AMS is looking into filing an appeal with the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) after the City voted to redraw its electoral districts last night.

Official club status denied

By - 4th April 2013

CrossFit Queen’s is still in limbo.

Amendment to change policy on weapons

By - 28th March 2013

The AMS passed an amendment at last week’s Assembly to change its policy on dealing with weapons on campus.

Executive lacks transparency

By - 8th March 2013

In the past week, democracy at Queen’s has been deeply compromised.

Petition targets Plummer and team

By - 8th March 2013

Following former team TNL candidate Nicola Plummer’s ratification as vice-president of operations-elect on Sunday, a petition has circulated calling to remove her, Eril Berkok and TK Pritchard from office.

ASUS reps quit, Prescott censured at ASUS Special Assembly

By - 5th March 2013

A motion to formally censure ASUS representative to the AMS, Alexander Prescott, passed at an ASUS Special Assembly this evening.

AMS manager resigns

By - 1st March 2013

After three and a half years of service, the AMS General Manager Annette Bergeron has resigned from the position.

Vice-president-elect announces resignation

By - 1st March 2013

AMS Vice-President-elect of operations Peter Green has resigned from his position, citing a lack of confidence in his fellow executive members.

Vice-President of Operations-elect resigns

By - 28th February 2013

Green alleges teammates demanded his resignation or face a vote of non-confidence at AMS Assembly.

New council named

By - 14th February 2013

This past Sunday, incoming executive team BGP elected six new commissioners and three directors to manage the various portfolios of the AMS.

BGP celebrates executive election victory

By - 31st January 2013

Team BGP’s victory Thursday morning was met with screams of joy by the team members and their supporters.

BGP wins AMS exec race

By - 31st January 2013

Following a 14 hour delay in results, the members of team BGP were named the next AMS executive.

AMS election results to be announced in the morning

By - 30th January 2013

The results of the AMS executive and the Undergraduate Student Trustee elections have been delayed by a day due to an issue with the preferential balloting system.

Team BGP gets the green light

By - 29th January 2013

The Journal believes that team BGP will be the best executive in place for next year’s AMS.

Applications for AMS positions go digital

By - 28th January 2013

As of last Friday, applicants for AMS council, managerial and service staff will be able to submit their applications via a link on the AMS website.

Elections in brief

By - 25th January 2013

A recap of the vice-president of university affairs and vice-president of operations debates.

Candidates talk problem areas for University

By - 25th January 2013

With the AMS executive election around the corner, the three teams in the running have different ideas about the challenges facing the University.

Students vying for trustee talk platform points

By - 22nd January 2013

Profiles of the candidates running for Undergraduate Student Trustee.

Student input a priority for PDA

By - 22nd January 2013

PDA wants the AMS to listen.

Accessibility key for team BGP

By - 22nd January 2013

The biggest initiatives planned by team BGP’s presidential candidate Eril Berkok, vice-president of operations candidate Peter Green and vice-president of university affairs TK Pritchard will be shaped by student responses, the team members said.

Candidates talk AMS services

By - 22nd January 2013

Broad changes to AMS corporate services aren’t a priority for all executive team candidates, but all three have come to a consensus on making Student Constable (StuCon) positions more appealing.

Three teams to vie for AMS executive

By - 18th January 2013

Candidates for this year’s AMS executive election were ratified last night at AMS Assembly, with three teams in the running.

The “insider” question

By - 15th January 2013

Exposure, not experience, may be the key to success for teams who run for AMS executive positions, says AMS President Doug Johnson.

No turns for exec interns

By - 15th November 2012

Despite 21 first-year interns employed throughout the AMS offices this year, the AMS executive team hasn’t hired any of their own.

CFRC business manager position reinstated

By - 9th November 2012

The decision to dissolve CFRC’s business manager position has been repealed in a closed ballot vote at the AMS Special Corporate General Meeting last night.

Brainstorming in Boston

By - 30th October 2012

A recent trip to Boston has helped jumpstart plans for an innovation hub in Kingston.

Fraternal skeptics

By - 26th October 2012

The AMS’ revisitation of the ban on their members joining fraternities is a step forward — one that doesn’t necessarily imply that fraternities will be welcomed back at Queen’s.

AMS revisits fraternity ban

By - 23rd October 2012

The AMS is seeking legal consultation regarding the 78-year-old ban on its members becoming part of fraternities or sororities.

Deserved compensation

By - 19th October 2012

The upcoming remuneration review should focus on limiting undue burden on AMS salaried student positions.

Hockey survives in the streets

By - 16th October 2012

Lovers of Canada’s game hit Queen’s campus roads in droves this weekend.

Salaries subject to remuneration review

By - 16th October 2012

Over $140,000 in student dollars are spent on AMS commissioner salaries — the equivalent of almost 2000 AMS-specific student fees.

Radio station manager terminated

By - 5th October 2012

Ayanda Mngoma, CFRC’s business manager, was fired from his position on Tuesday without notice.

News in brief

By - 14th September 2012

News in brief

Services get an upgrade

By - 14th September 2012

The AMS executive’s first four months in office have been marked by major renovations to their services, the team said.

Council passes one garbage bag limit

By - 29th July 2012

If it passes again at its final reading, a new city bylaw will limit each household to one garbage bag per collection day.

Radio station's separation finalized

By - 2nd May 2012

Queen’s campus radio station, CFRC is looking to raise its student fee after beginning its gradual separation from the AMS yesterday.

P&CC gets upgraded

By - 5th April 2012

An upcoming $30,000 renovation will bring the Publishing and Copy Centre (P&CC) into the 21st century.

Student voices sidelined, AMS says

By - 5th April 2012

Throughout our terms, we’ve witnessed the University administration work to subtly exclude student leadership from university decision making.

NAD under fire

By - 5th April 2012

Offenses traditionally processed through the Non-Academic Discipline System have been rerouted to school administrators, leaving the future of Queen's peer-to-peer method uncertain.

Voting process questioned

By - 16th March 2012

The AMS referendum process was called into question at the March 8 AMS Assembly.

Fees deserved fair shot at AMS Annual General Meeting

By - 16th March 2012

The decision at last week’s AMS Assembly to reject a motion put forth by three groups hoping to instate opt-outable student fees, while adherent to AMS policy, stifled debate surrounding the proposals and should likely have been approached with more flexibility.

CFRC avoids intervention

By - 2nd March 2012

Proposed changes to the management structure of Queen’s radio station CFRC won’t go through, following a failed motion at last night’s AMS Board of Directors.

New AMS council hired

By - 14th February 2012

Next year’s AMS council was hired on Sunday night by incoming AMS executive team JDL.

Bands marches again

By - 3rd February 2012

Queen’s Bands performed at the K-Rock Centre during the Carr-Harris Cup last night.

Elections liveblog

By - 2nd February 2012

AMS and faculty society election coverage on Wednesday night

CoGro to compost

By - 31st January 2012

Common Ground is planning a new composting system that could cut waste output in half.

Letter to the editor

By - 31st January 2012

The Nursing Science Society deserves to be recognized as a faculty society of the AMS.

On the campaign trail with executive candidates

By - 27th January 2012

The Journal talks to the AMS executive candidates about life on the campaign trail.

Candidate quizzes

By - 27th January 2012

The Journal tests the AMS executive candidates

Mixed message

By - 24th January 2012

The future of Phases of 2 and 3 of the Queen’s Centre remains ambiguous.

Debate maps out plans

By - 24th January 2012

Last night, candidates for AMS vice-president of university affairs — Mira Dineen of Team JDL, T.K. Pritchard of Team GPP and Sean Renaud of Team RMS — took part in the first AMS election debate of the week.

Student appears at AMS court over house party

By - 20th January 2012

A second-year Commerce student will have to pay Queen’s $100 if he fails to follow the rules of the Queen’s Code of Conduct again.

Corporate interest

By - 20th January 2012

Since October, the Journal has attempted to gain access to AMS credit card statements.

New retailers plan to offer student jobs

By - 20th January 2012

Construction has started on Grocery Checkout and Drug Smart pharmacy in the Queen’s Centre. The retailers are set to open on March 1.

AMS witholds funds from admin

By - 20th January 2012

The AMS won’t be contributing $25.5 million towards the Queen’s Centre because two phases have been “postponed indefinitely,” says AMS President Morgan Campbell.

Three teams announced for executive election

By - 20th January 2012

Three teams were placed on the ballot for the upcoming AMS executive elections after being ratified last night at AMS Assembly.

Bands members report assault

By - 1st December 2011

An off-campus attack on a Queen’s Bands member was reported to Campus Security last week.

AMS to announce retailers in Queen’s Centre

By - 1st December 2011

The AMS will finalize the two retailers to fill the empty spaces in the Queen’s Centre at a Board of Trustees meeting Friday.

Letter to the editor

By - 1st December 2011

Letter to the editor on the Fine Arts suspension of admissions

A statement from Queen's Bands

By - 1st December 2011

Queen's Bands will return in January as a reinvigorated and recalibrated organization

Bands suspension justified

By - 25th November 2011

The suspension of Queen’s Bands on Nov. 17 was a necessary decision made by the University administration and the AMS.

Senate stalls initiative on suspensions

By - 25th November 2011

On Tuesday, Queen’s Senate tabled an initiative that called for guidelines for future program suspensions.

Letters to the editor

By - 24th November 2011

Letters respond to the recent Queen's Bands suspension

Students protest outside Senate meeting

By - 22nd November 2011

Fine Arts students used personal artwork to protest before Senate on Tuesday afternoon.

Policy to review workplace safety

By - 18th November 2011

The first AMS injury incident report of this academic year was presented to the Board of Directors on Nov. 3.

Bus service on the decline

By - 18th November 2011

In the past two years, Tricolour Express has seen a 30 per cent decline in ticket sales.

Bands banned for term

By - 18th November 2011

Queen’s Bands was suspended yesterday after controversial material was brought to university administrators.

QTV unconcerned with result

By - 11th November 2011

During the recent AMS fall referendum, 83 per cent of votes cast were against a mandatory fee for Queen’s TV (QTV).

Fine arts admissions suspended

By - 11th November 2011

AMS Assembly voted to create a committee last night that will investigate the University’s decision to suspend admissions into the fine arts program.

Voting glitches unacceptable

By - 4th November 2011

Due to online glitches in the Oct. 25 and 26 AMS elections, some students were left wondering if their votes counted. Even after casting their ballots, some students received emails reminding them to vote; other emails told students they weren’t eligible to vote, when in fact they were.

Volunteer can’t access campus building

By - 25th October 2011

Louise Bark hasn’t been able to return to her volunteer position at CFRC since April because the radio station’s office in the basement of Carruthers Hall isn’t wheelchair accessible.

Committee fails to act

By - 18th October 2011

An AMS mental health committee established on April 7 was tasked by assembly to “evaluate how the AMS provides support to students on our campus and canvas other universities.” Though the committee met six times over the summer, it has failed to enact any change.

AMS committee lacks clear purpose

By - 14th October 2011

An AMS committee focusing on mental health hasn’t made a move since its inception in April.

Survey for sexual orientation and gender identity

By - 7th October 2011

All Queen’s employees are now able to identify their sexual preference and gender identity on an equity census.

Surplus expected for the first time since 2007

By - 4th October 2011

If high sales continue, Common Ground will beat its budget and come in at a $2,000 surplus by the end of the year.

Rector election policy revised

By - 4th October 2011

When students elect a rector this month, the AMS and the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) will use separate ballots for the first time.

Student vote matters

By - 30th September 2011

An estimated 1,400 people voted in the on-campus advanced polls between Sept. 21 and 23 this year, the first year that advanced polls have been available on campus during a provincial election.

Leniency to vote

By - 30th September 2011

On Oct. 6 students can ask for academic leniency in order to vote in the Ontario provincial election for Kingston and the Islands.

OPIRG and Levana to remain in Grey House

By - 30th September 2011

After a month of uncertainty about their future club space, the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) and the Levana Gender Advocacy Centre have been told by the AMS that they can remain in the Grey House for the next year.

In defence of the District

By - 27th September 2011

While the Journal's editorial on Tuesday Sept. 20 was well written, I want to take this opportunity to respond directly to some of the ideas stipulated within it.

Letters to the editor

By - 23rd September 2011

Queer McGill responds to Grey House issue.

Others reallocated

By - 20th September 2011

In addition to the Kingston Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG), the Levana Gender Advocacy Centre and EQuIP, two other student groups were removed from their Grey House space by the AMS.

Not ready for new name

By - 20th September 2011

On Sept. 15, AMS Assembly passed a motion to rebrand the Student Ghetto as the University District.

Grey House groups re-ratify with AMS

By - 16th September 2011

OPIRG and Levana Gender Advocacy Centre re-ratify as AMS clubs.

Post-summer review

By - 16th September 2011

After taking office in May, the AMS executive started to act on their 16-point campaign platform.

AMS video commendable

By - 16th September 2011

On Sept. 12, the AMS’s Municipal Affairs Commission (MAC) posted the video Let Our Alumni Come Home on Youtube. The QTV-produced video is praiseworthy.

Poor housekeeping

By - 13th September 2011

The safe space in the Grey House, a place that caters to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning (LGBTQ) students, is at risk.

Grey House groups face removal

By - 9th September 2011

OPIRG, the Levana Gender Advocacy Centre and EQuIP have been given until September 30 to move out of the Grey House.

Groups say space has historic importance

By - 9th September 2011

Leaving the Grey House would alter the way Kingston’s Ontario Public Research Interest Group (OPIRG), the Levana Gender Advocacy Centre and the Education for Queer Issues Project (EQuIP) operate, say representatives from each group.

Fighting for Grey House

By - 9th September 2011

The recent AMS decision to evict several longstanding campus groups from the Grey House reflects an abuse of power and disregards the importance of both the historical and contemporary work of these groups.

Shift in focus for new commission

By - 26th July 2011

The new Commission of Environmental Sustainability will have an increased budget from last year's Sustainability Office.

Ending the party with team CHR

By - 7th April 2011

Outgoing AMS executive talks about their year in office, their initial campaign promises and their achievements.

Services adapting to expansion

By - 7th April 2011

In the third installment of the news team’s examination of AMS finances, Common Ground and TAPS are put under the magnifying glass.

Reducing retail deficit

By - 1st April 2011

Tricolour Outlet and the Publishing and Copy Centre improve on financial shortcomings.

Housing awards lacking

By - 1st April 2011

A competition to find the worst landlord in the student ghetto has closed without any nominations. This is the fourth year in a row that the Municipal Affairs Commission’s (MAC) Golden Cockroach Award will go without a recipient.


By - 25th March 2011

From discussion surrounding Rector Nick Day’s letter and the special vote that took place, to the Alpine Tower controversy at the ASUS Annual General Meeting (AGM), to a motion for AMS to rent a bouncy castle with dancing unicorns and rainbows, I wonder; has this campus gone insane?

Covering JDL on election night

By Justin Chin - 11th February 2012

The Journal’s photography team shot 2,724 photos on AMS election night last week. Only 16 were used in the online and print coverage. Photos are chosen based on the relevance to the story and how the shot fits into the layout of the paper. We can’t fit everything into our ...