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Issue 37 - March 13, 2009


News in brief

News in brief

There’s still no word as to how Queen’s is to proceed with the next stage of the Queen’s Centre after last Friday’s Board of Trustees meeting. Student trustee and AMS president-elect, Michael Ceci said the board is still waiting to hear how the recently announced $2 billion federal infrastructure funding towards universities will be allocated.

Contributors of the month

Cuts and the curriculum

Students play dead for climate change

Fee cut raises doubts

An Rx for transparency


Testing the  winds

Testing the winds

But Erwin said she’s a big supporter of wind power, having spent time working on wind development in the 1970s and 80s.


Second thoughts

Second thoughts

Nostalgia is eroding away my cynical edge.

Vatican claim archaic

SGPS apathy needs push


Letters to the editors

Letters to the editors

It appears that Mr. Treilhard is quick to jump on the “free speech” bandwagon instead of carefully considering all the facts about the prosecution of Dutch MP Geert Wilders.

Principles over soda pop


Exploring the world of e-fiction

Exploring the world of e-fiction

In today’s fast-paced world, where the Internet has the capacity to distil everything from daily news to health information to stock market analysis into bite-sized episodes, it seems only logical that someone take a crack at the novel.

Queen’s Reads

Student writing: a colourful history

The ins and outs of self-publishing

Queen’s writers: where are they now?

An award-winning read

Keeping creative writing alive

The Literary Companion


In the read

In the read

Somewhere, in the imagination of Chuck Klosterman, there’s a pretend town called Owl where pop culture does not exist.

One Strong

A free feast for the ears

Timbering on country death rock?


Athletes of the week

Athletes of the week

It’s not often the opportunity arises to represent one’s country on the international stage, but that chance came in late February for second-year kinesiology student and cross-country skier Alexandre Dumond.

From Kingston to the desert

Gaels come up short

School versus sport

Building better Gaels


Forward Motion >>>>>>>>>>>>

Forward Motion >>>>>>>>>>>>

The vinyl ripples ran lusciously under Jamie’s hands as he moved the records into the flimsy paper sleeves.


Issue in Photos

Issue in Photos

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