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AuthenticallyU: Promoting positive body image

Posted by Katherine Meagher on October 31, 2014 @ 10:31 a.m. EDT
Tags: AuthenticallyU, Body image, Club, Eating disorders


Disordered eating and other concerns associated with a negative body image have become more widely understood as serious and pervasive, but it can still be hard to find support from sympathetic voices on campus.

Dani Keren, a fourth-year life sciences student, is seeking to change that reality. She’s the founder of AuthenticallyU, a group on campus that seeks to improve eating disorder awareness and body image positivity on campus.

Keren sat down to talk about the club (which has since changed its name from Authentically Me) and the importance of body positive conversation on campus at Queen’s.

Can you explain the club’s name?

It’s called Authentically[U] because we basically decided that the best way to encourage body positivity and a general celebration of self-esteem on campus would be to centre the club around celebrating our uniqueness. So all of the ... Read more...

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Breaking the sexual assault silence

Posted by Torri Odell on October 31, 2014 @ 10:11 a.m. EDT
Tags: Project Unbreakable, Sexual assault, Sexy Queen's U, Survivors


Last week wasn’t any ordinary week — it was Sexual Assault Awareness Week.

From Oct. 20-26, Sexy Queen’s U held a number of events on campus to raise awareness of sexual assault, including a resource fair in the Queen’s Centre, a mock sexual assault trial and one particularly important event: Project Unbreakable.

Project Unbreakable is a photography campaign started in 2011 by Grace Brown, a 19-year-old from Massachusetts. The goal of the project is to give a voice to sexual assault survivors. They’re given the chance to open up about their assault by being photographed with a sign explaining their assault, quoting their abuser or quoting someone else in response to their assault.

Sexy Queen’s U, an anti-violence group that creates awareness about campus sexual violence, spearheaded their own Project Unbreakable by asking sexual assault survivors on campus or ... Read more...

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Treasured tales

Posted by Katherine Meagher on October 24, 2014 @ 11:26 a.m. EDT
Tags: Alumni, Graduates, Homecoming


At 4 p.m. last Saturday, I opened my door to five eager faces, all of which were attached to women sporting shirts that read “Aberdeen Alumni”. I had just met the former tenants of my house.

Excitedly, they rushed in and took my housemates and I on a tour of our own house, explaining how our kitchen used to be a bedroom and where the balcony had been.

None of us could stop laughing. This wasn’t the first time we’d been paid a visit by a former resident on Homecoming.

As the group of Aberdeen alumni made their way out, we joked that in a few years we’d come back and do the same for the new tenants.

As students, we’re only ever a few short years away from being alumni. Every conversation we have with alumni on Homecoming asks ... Read more...

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Where, oh where is our fall reading week?

Posted by Megan Hendry on October 24, 2014 @ 10:57 a.m. EDT
Tags: Fall reading week, Mental Health, Midterms, Stress

Reading week

When I began studying at Queen’s, fall reading week was something given only to the magical lands of Laurentian and the University of Ottawa, and well, they seemed really far away, so it was understandable.

Yet, when I started hearing about friends at University of Toronto and McMaster getting four-day weekends in lieu of an actual week, I started to feel royally ticked off.

And now that close to every school in Ontario (Waterloo is the only notable exception) has a full week, or at the very least two extra days off, I’m left with one question — how can Queen’s have nothing?

At first, the notion seemed silly. There has never been a reading week in the fall, so why should it start now?

Yet during a conversation with my housemate, Roisin Donohue, ArtSci ’15, she raised the really ... Read more...

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Knitting basics

Posted by Christina Di Cosola on October 23, 2014 @ 10:30 a.m. EDT
Tags: Crafts, DIY, Hobbies, Knitting, Knitwear


Knitting is a simple and productive hobby that’s easy for anyone to develop by following a few simple steps.

When it comes to choosing the supplies for knitting, it depends entirely on what’s being made. Simple items like scarves and headbands will require basic 8-10mm needles and thicker yarn, which is great for those new to knitting.

There are many places in Kingston that supply knitting needles and a variety of yarn brands and colours. Michael’s, located at 656 Gardiners Rd., has a great selection and commonly has items on sale. Wal-Mart also sells yarn and knitting needles, although the selection at Michael’s is greater.

Knitting can be a difficult hobby to get the hang of initially, but after a little practice it becomes almost second nature and easy to multitask while doing.

The first step in knitting is casting stiches onto ... Read more...

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Queen’s faces of mental illness: Eating disorder recovery

Posted by Hannah Roy on October 23, 2014 @ 10:25 a.m. EDT
Tags: Eating Disorders, Mental health, Mental Illness Awareness Week, Stigma

As part of Mental Illness Awareness Week, Lifestyle featured personal stories from Queen’s student each day from Oct. 6-10. We’ll be continuing the initiative throughout the year with more stories. If you’re interested in submitting a story, please email journal_lifestyle@ams.queensu.ca.

WARNING: This piece talks about eating disorders, depression and suicide, and may be triggering for some readers.


When I was in high school, very little emphasis was placed on mental health. Mental health and mental illness awareness wasn’t talked about much. That’s something which has always bothered me.

October is a month for me that’s filled with a strange bitter-sweetness. Between Thanksgiving and Halloween festivities and the return of Homecoming here at Queen’s, you’d think October would be filled with nothing short of fun and games. In some ways, it is. In other ways, it’s a subtle reminder of the years ... Read more...

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Dianne’s Fish Bar: One bite and you’ll be hooked

Posted by Tegan Raco on October 21, 2014 @ 03:11 p.m. EDT
Tags: Dianne's, Downtown, Local food, Restaurant review, Seafood


It’s over halfway through the semester and the stress of student life is evident on the drawn faces of Queen’s students everywhere.

Due dates are rapidly approaching, patience with messy housemates is wearing thin and the very thought of prepackaged food makes you shudder. Every now and then it’s necessary to break free from our chaotic lives, and there’s no better escape than to explore Kingston’s incredible restaurant scene.

The names of restaurants like Le Chien Noir, Atomica and Harper’s Burger Bar may sound familiar ― they’re some of the most popular restaurants in the Limestone City. But many people are beginning to discover the new restaurant that has joined The Black Dog’s collection of gourmet restaurants.

Fully operational since 2013 and located on the corner of Clarence and Ontario Streets, Dianne’s Fish Bar has caught the attention ... Read more...

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Alumni spotlight: Queen’s connections in Canada’s capital

Posted by Katherine Meagher on October 20, 2014 @ 03:02 p.m. EDT
Tags: Alumni, Graduates, Homecoming, Ottawa


The sense of camaraderie that comes with being a student at Queen’s is so strong that “classmate” just doesn’t quite cover it — we often refer to being a part of the “Queen’s family”.

It can be hard to get a firsthand account of what it’s really like to leave Queen’s until you have to do so yourself.

This past Homecoming, Colin McLeod, ArtSci ’09, a trade policy officer, sat down to discuss what it was like to leave Queen’s, what the community has done for him in the last five years and how current students should approach the next few years.

What did you study here at Queen’s?

My major was political studies. My minor was in biology.

What are you doing now?

I work for the department of foreign affairs, trade and development for the Government of Canada.

What were ...

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Pumpkin plummet

Posted by Katherine Meagher on October 17, 2014 @ 01:12 p.m. EDT
Tags: Engineers Without Borders, Homecoming, Pumpkin smash, Queen's Gives Back, Queen's Student Alumni Association


Homecoming invites back to campus some of our beloved Gaels and with them some of our strangest traditions. We paint ourselves purple and sing in Gaelic. And now, we smash pumpkins.

For the first time, the Pumpkin Smash, hosted by Engineers Without Borders in partnership with Queen’s Gives Back and the Queen’s Student Alumni Association, will join the football game and street parties as an event this Homecoming weekend.

Although previously hosted at Leonard Field, the construction of a new residence has necessitated the event to move to Agnes Benedickson Field. With this change of location comes a reimagining of the event as a whole.

“It’s going to be reflective of the past years, but definitely at a bigger level this year, so it’s pretty exciting,” said Kirsten MacMillan, vice-president of networking for Queen’s Engineers Without Borders.

The smash itself is exactly ...

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The turkey dump phenomenon

Posted by Caela Fenton on October 17, 2014 @ 01:05 p.m. EDT
Tags: Break up, Heartbreak, Relationships, Thanksgiving, Turkey dump


There once was a boy. Let’s call him Quinn. He was smitten with a girl — let’s call her Mackenzie. Long story short, they spend a wonderful grade 12 year together, supporting each other through university application stress and extracurricular mania.

They’re happy.

After a summer of long lifeguarding days, late-night campfires and mosquito bites, they have the talk.

Not ‘that’ talk, but the university talk. You see, Quinn is headed to Queen’s and Mackenzie to McMaster. They decide to stay together: “We’ll make it work.”

After a bittersweet goodbye, they part ways. Frosh week is crazy and they fill each other in during 15-minute phone calls before passing out from exhaustion.

When things settle down, they talk about their new schools. None of the names on the other end of line are familiar though and they’re hard to keep straight.

Quinn ...

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