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Brunch power rankings

Posted by Nick Faris, Sam Koebrich, Alex Pickering and Sean Sutherland on November 27, 2014 @ 10:09 a.m. EST
Tags: Breakfast, Brunch, Power Rankings, Restaurant Reviews


We’re halfway through brunch season, and the playoff picture seems to be cementing itself.

Throughout our years at Queen’s, we’ve amassed a treasury of knowledge on Kingston’s greasiest spoons – from gritty campus joints to undervalued waterfront eateries. Now, the pieces have fallen into place for end-of-term power rankings.

To qualify, establishments must conform to the following criteria:

1. Be open for business on both Saturday and Sunday;
2. Have an established location downtown or near the student housing area;
3. Serve a prototypical brunch spread of eggs, meat, toast, hash browns or beans and coffee; and
4. Do so for roughly $10 or less, including tip.


1. Peter’s Place
34 Princess St.

Speedy and inviting service. Mouth-watering pancakes. Delectable hash browns. Eggs sizzled to perfection. It’s a taste of home at the foot of Princess St. — and the best ... Read more...

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Keep on giving

Posted by Rachel Herscovici on November 27, 2014 @ 10:05 a.m. EST
Tags: Gift cards, Gifts, Holidays, Shopping

While the gift card might be an easy solution to the endless question, “What should I get them?”, it’s actually ruining the holiday season.

The so-called “Christmas game” revolves around mystery gifts hidden under the tree that you open when your name is called. It’s a surprise.

But over the past few years, the boxes have gotten smaller and the presents less creative and more predictable. Everyone was opting for gift cards.

The game became less endearing when you knew you had an 80 per cent chance of ending up with a shiny plastic rectangle instead of a pretty set of cheese plates you’d never use.

So now, I’ve taken issue with the gift card.

Chances are you’ve probably given one in an attempt to appear more thoughtful than giving a wad of cash when you’re at a loss for gift ideas.

You’ve also probably received one and happily took ... Read more...

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Post-Movember ’staches: grow or no?

Posted by Alex Watt and Luke Kessaram on November 27, 2014 @ 10:03 a.m. EST
Tags: Facial hair, Moustaches, Movember, Point/counterpoint


Alex Watt, ArtSci ‘15

Thinking about ditching that Movember ‘stache? Before picking up the razor, consider the benefits of growing your facial fur into December and beyond.

Given the lack of awareness surrounding men’s mental health and prostate cancer, coupled with the stigma associated with these issues, many men frequently ignore their symptoms.

Movember began as a way to draw attention to and provide support for men with these conditions. It was an opportunity to bring attention to men’s health issues that had been previously swept under the carpet.

These big furry ‘staches attract immediate attention. As a result, they instigate conversations on topics many are reluctant to embark upon. Canada has become one of the largest contributors to Movember of any country, with generous donations from family and friends shepherding individuals along their mo’ journey.

Male ...

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International impact: Queen’s Global Village

Posted by Christina Di Cosola on November 23, 2014 @ 05:56 p.m. EST
Tags: Club profile, Habitat for Humanity, Nicaragua, Queen’s Global Village


Queen’s Global Village is an excellent example of an organization run by dedicated students looking to extend their impact from a local to global scale.

This year’s Queen’s Global Village team is composed of two co-presidents, a fundraising executive, a sponsorship executive and 12 volunteers. The team will be travelling to Guatemala this February during reading week to build a home for a family in need.

I sat down with co-president, Shannon Ryan, to discuss Queen’s Global Village and this year’s upcoming trip:

What is the main goal of Queen’s Global Village?

Ryan: Our main goal is to provide housing for families in Central America that are in need. Branching off of that, we also aim to give Queen’s students the opportunity to travel abroad and have an impact on the global community.

How can students get involved with Queen’s ...

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Flu season and the savvy student

Posted by Ellen Avery on November 14, 2014 @ 10:16 a.m. EST
Tags: Flu season, Health, Illness, Vaccination


Overwhelmed lecture halls, communal living spaces and high amounts of social activity make university campuses a perfect breeding ground for the seasonal flu virus.

Despite the increased exposure associated with student life, the United States Centre for Disease Control (CDC) estimated only about 13 per cent of post-secondary students are electing to get their vaccine every year.

Troy Day, an evolutionary biology professor at Queen’s specializing in mathematical modeling of disease and virology, said students should be getting their vaccines for two different reasons. Not only does the shot provide potential benefits to their own health, but it also benefits the health of the community as a whole. “Even if I am not terribly vulnerable to adverse effects, if I can weather it out and I’m not worried about dying, by being infected I help spread the virus in ... Read more...

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Queen’s faces of mental illness: Loving my body again

Posted by Taylor Smith on November 12, 2014 @ 07:45 p.m. EST

As part of Mental Illness Awareness Week, Lifestyle featured personal stories from Queen’s student each day from Oct. 6-10. We’ll be continuing the initiative throughout the year with more stories. If you’re interested in submitting a story, please email journal_lifestyle@ams.queensu.ca.

Taylor Smith

When I was 12, I started hating my body.

I’ve had to repeat those words over and over again for the last nine years. When doctors ask if I can pinpoint when my life went wrong, I say that sentence.

I went for many years without knowing the true meaning of mental health stigma. I made the same jokes as my friends about people being crazy or insane. The weather was bipolar or the organized kids were OCD.

It was funny, and we weren’t hurting anyone right? Wrong. It took me a long time to see that these words weren’t ... Read more...

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Bring back basic

Posted by Claudia Tsang on November 7, 2014 @ 10:39 a.m. EST
Tags: Basic, Fall, Pumpkin spice, Starbucks, Stereotypes


Standing in the Starbucks line, I’m mentally preparing myself to order my pumpkin spice latte.

I can’t help but feel self-conscious because it’s so overdone, so mainstream — it’s so basic. And being dubbed those five little letters makes me almost feel ashamed of myself. But why should I be embarrassed?

Why has it become not okay to like heirloom pumpkin candles, enjoy my salted caramel everything, wear thick knits in “sweater weather” and love essentially everything that’s good in this world? We throw the term “basic” around so casually now that the condescension that seeps through every pore of that word is easily overlooked.

“Basic”, in its most quintessential simplicity, is no longer indicative of classic goodness. Instead we’ve made it so we’ve become equated with being predictable, unsophisticated, uninteresting. We’re boring.

And with the increasing pressure to be ...

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AuthenticallyU: Promoting positive body image

Posted by Katherine Meagher on October 31, 2014 @ 10:31 a.m. EDT
Tags: AuthenticallyU, Body image, Club, Eating disorders


Disordered eating and other concerns associated with a negative body image have become more widely understood as serious and pervasive, but it can still be hard to find support from sympathetic voices on campus.

Dani Keren, a fourth-year life sciences student, is seeking to change that reality. She’s the founder of AuthenticallyU, a group on campus that seeks to improve eating disorder awareness and body image positivity on campus.

Keren sat down to talk about the club (which has since changed its name from Authentically Me) and the importance of body positive conversation on campus at Queen’s.

Can you explain the club’s name?

It’s called Authentically[U] because we basically decided that the best way to encourage body positivity and a general celebration of self-esteem on campus would be to centre the club around celebrating our uniqueness. So all of the ... Read more...

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Breaking the sexual assault silence

Posted by Torri Odell on October 31, 2014 @ 10:11 a.m. EDT
Tags: Project Unbreakable, Sexual assault, Sexy Queen's U, Survivors


Last week wasn’t any ordinary week — it was Sexual Assault Awareness Week.

From Oct. 20-26, Sexy Queen’s U held a number of events on campus to raise awareness of sexual assault, including a resource fair in the Queen’s Centre, a mock sexual assault trial and one particularly important event: Project Unbreakable.

Project Unbreakable is a photography campaign started in 2011 by Grace Brown, a 19-year-old from Massachusetts. The goal of the project is to give a voice to sexual assault survivors. They’re given the chance to open up about their assault by being photographed with a sign explaining their assault, quoting their abuser or quoting someone else in response to their assault.

Sexy Queen’s U, an anti-violence group that creates awareness about campus sexual violence, spearheaded their own Project Unbreakable by asking sexual assault survivors on campus or ... Read more...

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Treasured tales

Posted by Katherine Meagher on October 24, 2014 @ 11:26 a.m. EDT
Tags: Alumni, Graduates, Homecoming


At 4 p.m. last Saturday, I opened my door to five eager faces, all of which were attached to women sporting shirts that read “Aberdeen Alumni”. I had just met the former tenants of my house.

Excitedly, they rushed in and took my housemates and I on a tour of our own house, explaining how our kitchen used to be a bedroom and where the balcony had been.

None of us could stop laughing. This wasn’t the first time we’d been paid a visit by a former resident on Homecoming.

As the group of Aberdeen alumni made their way out, we joked that in a few years we’d come back and do the same for the new tenants.

As students, we’re only ever a few short years away from being alumni. Every conversation we have with alumni on Homecoming asks ... Read more...

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