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Matthew Trevisan


Last Words

By Brendan Kennedy and Matthew Trevisan, Journal Staff

Journal editors in chief say goodbye to an exhausting and exhilarating year.

The sour taste of apathy

By Matthew Trevisan, Editor In Chief

To combat student indifference, the Journal will dedicate a portion of its election coverage to election issues from students’ perspectives. We will go beyond reporting about campaign platforms and focus instead on issues that you would like to see discussed.

Lack of student interest in property assessments

By Matthew Trevisan, Editor In Chief

The last complaint the Kingston property standards office received from someone living in the Ghetto came two weeks ago, and it didn’t come from a student. The call came from a student’s mother, who had visited her child’s house for ...

Professor sues Queen’s for $1M

By Matthew Trevisan, Editor In Chief

A professor is suing Queen’s for $1 million while still working for the University, the Journal has learned. Dr. David Strum is seeking damages from the University and Kingston General Hospital for continuing breach of contract; misrepresentation and/or negligent misstatement ...

Alfie’s: What’s in a name?

By Matthew Trevisan and Florence Li, Journal Staff

There are two ways to evaluate what Alfie Pierce meant to the University, said Allison Williams, AM S social issues commissioner. “There’s the happy alumni story camp where Alfie was this happy-go-lucky guy and the University swooped in and saved ...

Low voter turn-out at fall referendum

By Matthew Trevisan, Editor In Chief

Less than 12 per cent of undergraduate students voted Nov. 7 and 8 in the fall referendum. AMS chief returning officer Ilana Ludwin said at least seven voting hours were lost Tuesday due to a campus power outage.

There’s your first assignment

By Matthew Trevisan, Editor In Chief

If you ever walked up the house’s blue steps, you would know why it was difficult to watch a construction crew smash the place into pieces with the nonchalance of a five-year-old playing with Lego. Our new house on 190 ...

Homecoming recommendations passed at city council meeting

By Matthew Trevisan, Editor In Chief

Kingston's City Council passes all 17 recommendations made by the Committee for the Safe and Legal Use of Public and Private Space at last Tuesday’s council meeting. Last year, about 5,000 people partied on Aberdeen Street during Homecoming weekend and ...

Community’s ‘tolerance has run out’

By Matthew Trevisan, Editor In Chief

Street parties by Aberdeen residents generate dissent amongst community members. It’s that attitude from some Aberdeen residents that has Vice-Principal (Academic) Patrick Deane concerned. Deane told the Journal that the reaction following an Aberdeen Street party on April 30 is ...

Slipping and sliding to a resignation

By Matthew Trevisan, Features Editor

The facts surrounding Louis Plamondon’s resignation as campus activities commissioner are so conflicting, even the commission’s website doesn’t seem to have its story straight. Plamondon resigned from his post on Feb. 9, but the commission’s website says he is still ...