Queen's University — Since 1873

Jennifer MacMillan


The Journal vs. Crimson

By Jennifer MacMillan, Editor In Chief

Harvard University claims to have the oldest campus newspaper in North America. The Harvard Crimson started publishing on Jan. 24, 1873. The Crimson beats out the Journal—yes, the very paper in your hands—for the title of oldest campus newspaper in ...

Benefactor charged with fraud

By Jennifer MacMillan, Editor In Chief

David Radler, MBA ’67, is due to appear in an Illinois court on Sept. 15 to enter a plea on seven counts of fraud for allegedly fraudulently diverting more than $32 million from the U.S.-based Hollinger newspaper holding company. Radler ...

Residences at maximum capacity

By Jennifer MacMillan, Editor In Chief

Student residences will be at maximum capacity this year after a surge of requests for on-campus rooms. Mandy Daniel, manager of admissions for residence and hospitality services, said at the moment, some students who have applied to live in residence ...

Student dies in Kingston car crash

By Emily Sangster and Jennifer MacMillan, Journal Staff

Greg Hulse, ArtSci ’08, may have chosen to live in Watts Hall for his first year of university, but his family in nearby Hartington was never far from his mind. Back home in Hartington for the summer, Greg commuted to ...

Queen’s clothing: ambiguously ethical

By Emily Sangster and Jennifer MacMillan, Journal Staff

The next time you set foot on Queen’s campus, try this: count the number of seconds it takes before you spy someone sporting Queen’s clothing.

Politics among the garden plots

By Jennifer MacMillan, Features Editor

To most people of our generation, the word “Nicaragua” conjures up an idea of a distant country somewhere in the Third World—one of my university-educated friends asked me where it was in Africa.

Queen’s backstage at Canadian Idol

By Cara Smusiak and Jennifer MacMillan, Journal Staff

We’ve all either seen the show or had to endure friends’ polemics on who deserves to win. Love it or hate it, Canadian Idol has become a pop culture phenomenon.

Dallaire discusses Rwandan genocide

By Jennifer MacMillan and Emily Sangster, Journal Staff

On Saturday, more than 400 Queen’s students, staff and community members filled Grant Hall to hear retired Lt.-Gen. Roméo Dallaire speak on war and peace in the post-9/11 world.

First year: feast or famine?

By Jennifer MacMillan and Emily MacLaurin-King, Journal Staff

Think back to the Saturday evening of your Frosh Week. You’re standing in your double room, wearing a smelly yellow t-shirt and a grimy pair of coveralls, watching your new roommate’s belongings begin to ebb closer to your floor space. ...

Rising costs and entrance marks trouble Castle students

By Jennifer MacMillan, Staff Writer

As the International Study Centre at Herstmonceux grows, entrance averages, costs and student rights are becoming an increasing concern. The number of applications Queen’s has received from current Grade 12 students who want to spend their first year at the ...