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City Council approves noise bylaw exemption

The University’s application for a temporary noise bylaw exemption for Richardson Stadium and West Campus turf fields passed unanimously at City Council Tuesday evening, albeit with a few conditions.

Posted 1 week ago

The true cost of an unpaid internship

Queen’s summer student internships are all paid positions — but many outside employers aren’t as generous.

Posted 4 weeks ago

Fence off the hazard

City Council’s decision to support turtle protection on local roads is money well spent.

Posted 4 weeks ago

Education ignored

Let’s face it — politics in Ontario isn’t sexy.

Posted 4 weeks ago

Muck brings nostalgia to Modern Fuel

Visual artist Martina Muck brought her unique artistic vision and plenty of nostalgia from her native Germany to Kingston’s Modern Fuel Gallery with her installation “Memory.”

Posted 4 weeks ago

A strong mentality

When it comes to sports, an athlete’s pre-game mentality can be just as crucial as any physical aspect.

Posted 4 weeks ago

Best of Kingston 2013-14

Nearly 100 people responded to the annual Best of Kingston survey, giving you a wide array of Kingston’s finest. Here are the results of our 2013-14 call for the best of the Limestone City.

Posted 16 weeks ago

Last words

Journal Editors in Chief Janina Enrile and Alison Shouldice reflect on volume 141.

Posted 16 weeks ago