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Queen’s Drama presents <em>Orbit</em>

Most people have heard about the genius of the Renaissance Galileo Galilei, who was often hailed as the father of modern science and at one point was accused of heresy for challenging the Vatican’s view of the cosmos. But few know much about the man behind the science.

Posted 19 hours ago

Aberdeen to be cleared

A police camera is currently installed on the corner of Aberdeen and William Streets, ready to be activated for Homecoming weekend.

Posted 4 days ago

Homecoming remains controlled

The second year of Homecoming’s return saw a Saturday night comparable, in terms of arrests and tickets, to the two 2013 Homecoming weekends.

Posted 3 days ago

Lions demolished in Homecoming win

The Gaels salvaged some pride out of a frustrating season on Saturday, crushing the visiting York Lions 57-10.

Posted 1 day ago

Municipal matters matter

Contrary to popular belief, Mayor Mark Gerretsen and the Kingston City Council don’t hate Queen’s students.

Posted 4 days ago

Queen’s has failed sexual assault survivors

Queen’s administration should be condemned for lacking an official policy for handling sexual assaults on campus.

Posted 4 days ago