Queen's University — Since 1873

Tales of troubled youth

It’s easy to hold an audience’s attention when the first thing you say involves high-school students joking about hiding the body of someone who’s face has been chewed off by a dog.

Posted 5 days ago

Lecture halls prepare for a face-lift

An instructor stands at the front of an auditorium, lecturing to dozens or hundreds of students. This is the basis of many university courses — but it can be ineffective.

Posted 1 week ago

Skinhead material resurfaces

Over the past week, flyers promoting the Southern Ontario Skinheads (SOS) have been seen on and around Queen’s campus.

Posted 5 days ago

Fifth-year duo guns for playoff run

With their young squad struggling through a winless stretch, Queen’s football has looked to a pair of veterans for leadership.

Posted 5 days ago

Canadian climate neglected

Climate change was a hot topic in September, with politicians and celebrities alike focusing on issues of sustainability and global protests highlighting a need for action.

Posted 2 hours ago

Aboriginal communities left behind in development discourse

The term “developed country” shouldn’t imply that countries in the global North have reached a sort of utopia.

Posted 2 hours ago